E300 w/Prem1 36 mths 15k/yr $780

Hello - I received the quote below from a local dealer. Is this a good deal or no? My current E350 lease expires 10/1. It was 27 months 15k miles/year with 3 year maintenance for $745/mth. No money down. I feel like I kinda got ripped off after viewing some of the payments here, so I don’t want to make the same mistake twice. Please help…

Vehicle Price: $60,915.00
AutoNation Savings: - $7,000.00
AutoNation Price: $53,915.00
Sales Tax (estimate): + $922.33
Tag/Registration Fees (estimate): + $109.50
Other: + $7.00
State Inspection Fee: + $16.75
Deputy: + $5.00
Documentation Fee: + $150.00
Road and Bridge: + $23.00
Title Fee: + $33.00
Balance Due (estimate): $55,181.58

36 months 15k miles/year $780 down and $780/month. No maintenance included.

Please help me. I’m located in Texas

You felt that you got ripped off on your original deal, yet this deal is even more expensive (with a longer term and no maintenance included), so shouldn’t you know the answer?

You should search for the many loaner e300 deals posted. Keep in mind taxes are different in TX, so don’t expect exactly the same deals, but it won’t be this bad.


Thanks for your response, Jon! I agree. I was told that it’s a more expensive car. But when I looked at the original numbers from my last lease, it’s about a $800 difference… so definitely not that much more. I searched the boards, but most are using MSDs. I personally only want to pay the 1st month.

It it were Canadian dollars I’d still walk from this deal.

Also: why did you get 3 year maintenance plan on a 2 year lease?

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I was told that I would need it since I would be using 33kmiles. Thanks for responding. I don’t think I’ll prepay for maintenance this time

Yeah that seems reasonable. But there is a pretty good chance you’d do a pull ahead lease in which case the car would be turned in before it needed the 3rd maintenance.

Personally I think pre-paid maintenance is a bad deal and never take it. I know others disagree. Look at it this way…why do dealers always push this stuff as hard as they do? It’s not because it’s good for the buyer, it’s good for their F&I bottom line.,

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After this lease, I felt like it was a complete waste of money

In texas, the taxes add up to a lot, possibly an extra 200. You can’t compare a North Carolina payment to a Texas payment

We can’t help you. You should move to a place where Taxes on leases are lower :slight_smile:

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Sales Tax is only 922? That is not bad at all…

If only it were that easy… If I wait mid-month, I can get a tax credit. With that being added, does that completely erase the taxes. I’m not a leasing expert, but I do know that this is a crappy deal.

Do you think that should yield a lower payment than what I was quoted?

But Texas has no income tax. Which more than makes up for the silly lease tax thing they have down there. :grinning:

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