E300 - is this a good deal?

I’m negotiating with a local dealer. Here is the info.
Car is the sport version with P1 package.

MSRP: 57,675
Sale Price: 50,388
MSD: ~$6000
Drive off, including MSD: $7004.20
Total Payment, including tax: $539.20

Is this any good? Thanks.

Looks pretty good if this is a 2017.

Yes, I should’ve specified. It is a '17

I just bought a custom 2017 GLE for my aunt last night with 0 miles on the odometer. Got a $62,000 MSRP for $53,000 sales price. Are you in the SoCal area? I can ask the dealer to see if they can beat it for you.

I’ll get back to you right away. They respond real quick.

Yes, I am in SoCal. That would be terrific. Thanks!

Bernie Mendez

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He said the best he can do is $500 off MSRP. So I guess your offer is pretty good depending on where you live.

Edit: sorry for the confusion- it’s $500 off the OP’s current deal.

I got an offer little less then yours, PM so we can get it even lower if we group buy.

Spoke to two dealerships again and have appointments with them. Alex, thank you for the help, but Bernie is out of his mind - these go for at least 10% off sticker. I negotiated on the above price but with $5500 MSD, $795 acquisition, $480 license + docs, $6500 drive out ($5500 MSD) for $503/mo.

Hey. What was your offer?

John, Mbracer - what were your deals? I am in the socal area. Let me know, looking to buy tomorrow morning. Please share your offer, if you can.

Hey all, I am in the Seattle area… If they can ship the car up, I will jump in as well (interested in the AWD)

Faksnima/john/mbracer - if you guys could come through it will really help w/ me too please!

I haven’t heard back from anyone regarding the group buy. At $503 with 0 down based on the above specs, anyone have anythoughts?

You’re reading it wrong- $500 less than OP’s offer.

Hi Alex. Sorry, you wrote $500 off MSRP. Did you mean $500 off negotiated sales price?

Yes- I’m sorry as well- I should have been more clear.

Awesome, thanks. I renegotiated last night to $49,888.75 almost exactly ~$500 :). If it falls through, I will contact your guy for sure. Thanks again for the help!

Actually, for reference,

This is what the current deal looks like - hope they honor it:

MSRP: $57,575
Sale Price: $49,888.75
Acquisition Fee:$795

Residual 62%
MF: Originally .00139 - with Max MSD: 0.00069 and with the added autopay: 0.00059

Document Fee: $80
License/Reg: ~$400
Sales Tax: ~8% (Riverside)

Monthly payment with tax: $503

Drive Off: $6,489 - includes the following:
First Month’s payment: $503
Down Payment: $0
Total MSD: $5,500
Registration/Doc: $480

That’s a really good deal!

Faksnima that is a solid deal man. I am in the process of negotiating a deal somewhat similar but with a Premium Package 2. Let me know how it goes, I’d be super interested to know if they went that low, what did you do to get it lower the second time around? Did you prepay MB service?