E-Tron tire replacement?

Hi All,
Got an e-Tron in March (2yr lease) in CA. Last week, a huge screw went into the rear passenger tire. A local tire shop managed to plug/patch it but now having questions on safety. It’s too close to the side wall.

The car has ~2500 miles. Do I need to replace all the tires? Or just one is okay?


As your tires should be almost like new I wouldn’t worry about replacing all 4. Just replacing the repaired one should be sufficient. FYI, this was discussed in audi forum before:

Quattro generally requires all 4 tires to be of the same brand, size, tread pattern and approximately the same remaining tread depth, otherwise the center differential can be compromised as it steps into action even driving straight and heat up. The tolerance for difference in wear of individual tires is 4/32".

Hmm…wow someone patched that for you?

That’s dangerous. Time for a new tire. Did you get any kind of road hazard warranty?

That’s a dangerous tire to ride on.

Living in the city (Washington DC) I’ve had a few instances of sidewall damage from potholes on my E class. 19” run flats ain’t cheap - $450 per tire was the best I found and a few day wait.

Since it’s a lease, I ended up (twice) ordering a used tire from these guys. Fast ship, great price, excellent service. Both times we’re about $110 for the tire.


Buy a new tire and shave it to match the rest.

Hmm…3 months old might not need it.

Did you get it patched from the inside or just the plug? If patched from the inside you should be good. That’s not too close to the side wall.