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There is very little inventory left here in Massachusetts on E trons (no surprise). I emailed 2 dealers this weekend telling them the deal I wanted on an E tron SUV and both told me that with inventory so tight they won’t go above a 1% discount right now. My question to the Hackrs is this: Since the Sportback doesn’t have such high incentives, do you think there would be more room for negotiations? There seems to be more inventory on SBs than SUVs, although not by much. Also, am I better off waiting until the end of the month since the Costco incentive will be going away? Yes, I should have jumped on this much earlier!

If you replace lack of discount with lack of incentives to create an equally unappealing payment, would be the point?

I kinda regret missing last September’s great MY19 bonanza but when the ship sails, it sails.

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I would cast a wider net. I like my etron, but it is not worth $10000 more than I paid for it. These deals don’t make sense. Set your target and stick to it.

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@AutoCompanion had some etrons in your area I think

Same room. I still got plenty of prestiges and premium plus, sold all of our premiums! I think you actually already submitted an inquiry :sweat_smile:


I think I tried most Audi dealers in MA last week, no luck.
Someone actually told me 10% off WITH INCENTIVE was the best they could do.
Not much stock around you. A dealer in Columbus Ohio seems to have quite a few in stock tho.
There was one I talked to in DE it was easy enough. Told him i was sitting at 8% and he said I will beat that by 1000. car was gone the next morning tho.

I hope that Audi will be more aggressive by June to make Q2 numbers beating last year. At present, the Q1 record sale news is probably attracting a lot new buyers this time, while low inventory is keeping the price high. I guess things will change by June or late May. I am hoping that Costco will be back on June? I think automakers like Tesla is also doing similar thing. Model Y price went up and wait time is 8 weeks or so. I guess the price will come down in June and there will be high inventory then to meet Q2 goal. Until then, they are probably aiming more on EU market?

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