Durango Lease End - Buyout or Lease?

Alright guys. Time flies and I’m at the point I’m 6 months from the end of my lease. This is usually when I start looking for my replacement. At this point I’m leaning more towards buying out my current lease. Any advice would be helpful. This community helped me a ton on my last two cars.

Details -
2020 Durango GT Plus
Lease - $395/month
Money Down - $2,600
Lease Payoff - $27,153
AutoNation Offer - $36,800

From what I’ve seen. Getting a comparable SUV, in terms of size would be over $550. With everything going on I’d like to keep my payments close. Financing on a 60 month term with roughly $6 - $7k will keep my payments the same.

Not sure how real the offer from Autonation is. I’m calling them back soon to find out.

Are you looking for advice on how to buy out your vehicle?

If you are considering selling your current car, is this the highest offer out of several, or is this the only offer you’ve solicited?