Dumbest Car Salesman Ever or Just Trolling Me?

I emailed a Mercedes dealer today looking for the unicorn sub-$400 e300 lease. Guy writes me back and says he can’t do what I offered. Oh and by the way what is this MSD you’re talking about? I’m not sure if he’s truly clueless or just fucking with me. I figure the latter. That’s cool, bored salesmen are allowed to have some fun I guess.

Then I get an email about an hour later from his sales manager, basically telling me the same and then saying he did some research and found out all about MSDs. But even so, what I am proposing is not even close to what they can do.

Again, I’m wondering is this the most clueless sales manager or are they double team fucking with me? How does a sales manager of a MB dealer not know about MSDs? He’s gotta be fucking with me.


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If it’s a small dealer I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t know msd, most people don’t go near them. For example, most Toyota dealers don’t know what msd is even though they offer it.

Given that the general leasing public has mostly no idea they exist nor to even ask, it’s very possible these guys just rarely deal with it. Plenty of shiesty dealers out there but not everything is a trick to screw people over.

A few salesman I’ve talked to also don’t know about MSD.

A lexus dealer that I leased from said they were amazed I even knew about MSD, and that less than 2-3% of their leases, people put down MSD.

Very uncommon thing that only those who do their research know about, no real incentive to a dealer to tell people about it. I think most people would look at putting that $3k towards the capital cost reduction and think that was a better way to reduce their payment rather than 0.0002 MF points. However most people are not the brightest. :laughing:

Yeah I get that the masses don’t know about them. But you’d think a guy whose sole job is to finance/lease cars would at least know of their existence. Or at the very least if you don’t know what an MSD is, and a customer mentions them, you take 15 seconds and google MSD instead of telling your customer “I’m clueless about my job”.

I’ve run into many sales people and finance managers who know nothing about them

As others have mentioned, if they aren’t a huge dealer, they won’t know what MSD’s are. They also hire new people during the summer so they might not be fully up to speed even though summer is almost over lol

Did you refer to them as “MSD’s” or security deposits? I’ve had more luck saying “I want to put down 5-10 security deposits”.

No it wasn’t a matter of labeling.

It went like this:

Me: I’d like to use MSDs
Dealer: What is this MSD you speak of, good sir?
Me: Here’s a link to the MB website that explains the program.
Dealer: Hmmm…interesting I’ve never heard of such a thing. I’ll have to get back to you on it.

LoL. This post made me laugh. :slight_smile: Would be awesome if they were trolling you but I really doubt it. I’ve had dealers that flat out acted like I punched their child when I asked for a certain deal, but nothing like this. MSDs are one of those things that I’ve noticed dealers really tend to look different at you when you mention them. First time I walked into a Chevy dealer and started mentioning MF, MSD, and RV and I felt like their jaws just dropped. They seemed to ditch their usual tactics and got straight to the point.

That’s not how it works bud … If you go through some of the useful 101 materials you will see that the info here doesn’t guarantee seal the deal just because someone else got a good deal. A large portion of it is still negotiating- I’d mark that portion at 40%, 50% research and really knowing your numbers (not copy someone else’s and 10% luck… and 100% REASON TO REMEMBER THE NAME!

Fort Minor?

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