Driving uncle’s car without transferring the lease

Wrong. There are no penalties for breach unless the other party suffer damages (or the contract calls for liquidated damages, which this does not). There is absolutely no scenario in which breaching these silly terms would make the lessee any more liable than they would be but for the prohibition. Again, do you think the folks leasing these cars dont allow their kids to drive them? Really?

OP is not the kid and not living at same address. So you are not making sense on that part. If OP had posted, Hey Can i drive my Dad’s car? Sure ! As long as your a licensed driver on same household and on policy no issues.

You are telling him to quite literally breach the contract because there are ‘no penalties’.



But there are lol. Just not in this case, but just take a look at 18(b) which is a part of the same contract. So you can go ahead and TURO your BMW and if things go south and not covered, you can basically get blocked for future contracts. (personally went through this for someone for an ACURA and yes they do not let them lease or finance EVER)

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Yes, its perfectly legal. Again, have you disclosed to your BMW clients that they must get written permission before they allow ANYONE other than spouse to drive the car? Doubt it.

If the insurance company is notified as to who will be driving the vehicle and where it will be garaged this is a non issue. This is not a penalty due to the breach. Its a penalty because he could not pay the loss because he was not properly insured. There is way more to the story if Turo did not cover the loss. Again to you tell your customers that they need written permission to allow their family to drive the car? You dont. Because they would laugh at you and you would lose their business.

You’re genuinely trolling at this point, my time’s worth more elsewhere. Have a lovely Saturday.


Trolling because I pointed out that you dont disclose critical information to your clients? Or trolling because I pointed out the hypocrisy and insanity of your position? Just looking for some clarity. Stick to leasing cars rather than posting your assumptions about the law. The OP should remember that lease brokers and car salesmen have an incentive to tell you that you must lease a vehicle on your own, they make no money of the OP using his uncles car.

I’m sure we can all agree here that what you’re suggesting violates the lease contract in multiple ways. The proper thing to do here is to pursue a lease transfer with bmw.


Some internet lawyer, yeah.