Driving uncle’s car without transferring the lease

My uncle has an X6 that he almost never drives, and it is sitting in the garage.

It’s a 36 months lease, and there is so much mileage remaining.

Can I be added to his current insurance and drive the car and just pay him the monthly cost without transferring the lease?

Thank you for you answering my question in advance!

This is generally not allowed per the lease.

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Dont listen to the naysayers, they are clueless. It is 100 percent legal. If you are not a named insured on any other auto policy, make sure he lists you as a named insured rather than a permissive user. The leases prohibit an attempt to legally assign the vehicle to another. This is not the case here. If this was prohibited by the lease contract your spouse would not be allowed to drive a car you leased. Dont listen to the internet lawyers.

Are you in the same city / state? It can cause the insurance company to deny the claim because of ‘fake garage address’ if you are far away.

There’s a thread here somewhere where the guy insured his daughter and she went to another state with the car and crashed it and the insurance company repaid the insurance FEE and denied the claim.

We are in the same state but distance wise, about 30 miles away between Manhattan and Long Island.

It also prevents subletting, which your solid into that territory when paying to use the lease.


Sikes pretty harsh tone their bud. While you are mostly right, the OP is not a spouse or child living at same address. Difference lease agreements have different terms but mostly what I have seen is that if OP can be added on insurance informing insurance that he is at a different address, there should be no harm then. I know in FL at least Geico was allowing a second address to be added for a relative but things may have changed now.


I would check with his insurance company directly.

Why does there have to be a fake garaging? Simply tell the carrier where the vehicle will be garaged.

The tone is there because the same user has given this fake legal advice in other threads. The contract prohibits legal assignment and makes no provision excluding children or spouse. My point is, this is not an assignment and he can legally drive the car. Assuming arguendo that the lease agreement expressly prohibits allowing his nephew from driving the car, who cares. As long as its properly insured the bank has suffered no damages as a result of the breach.

Since you have the contract handy, could you post a pic of that section?


Person A leases car. Person B pays Person A monthly to use the car.

Going to say that isn’t a sublet since it isn’t a formal sublease on paper?

And it matters because?

But tell me something though. If its a legit family situation, how does one take care of it then ?

Because bmw contracts don’t allow subletting, unless you have the specific, nonstandard contract that does.

A simple search for a bmw lease should be easy to find. However, as I pointed out its completely irrelevant. This only requires the the insurance carrier agree to the terms.

Again, bmws terms prohibiting subletting is irrelevant - if they infact exist. So you breach their contract term. What can they do about it nothing. Its 100 percent legal to breach a contract. Do you think they are checking? If they find out after the car is totaled it doesnt matter at that point. They have no damages.

Here you go fellas. From a BMW Contract.


Again, there is not a god damn thing they can do to enforce that. Unless they are following you around…do you think they do that? Does anyone get written consent before they allow their girl/boyfriend, kids, drive the car? Please. It also prohibits tints or any mods, lol.

Yes and pay the penalties for breach of contract. Doesn’t matter if they are checking. Best option for OP is to check with insurance and now in this case also BMWFS