Driving to different region for discount


If your willing to drive to a different region like NY from PA but you live in PA and will be registering the vehicle in PA can you still take advantage of the NY regional discounts?

Yes-its all about dealer location

That is one of the main reasons why people fly in to different states or buy from different states

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I don’t believe that this is true for GM, correct? I thought that GM incentives were always based on registered owner zip.

What about infinity?

Truthfully I’m not sure about GM

I’m thinking Toyota and bmw etc… are all dealer based

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It depends on the manufacturer.

But what you can take advantage of is one region being more competitive than another. It isn’t just the incentives that make a deal, it’s also a dealer who’s willing to play ball.



Incentives are based on registered address, not dealer location.

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Volvo is a third. That said, as @max_g noted, it’s not for all, and varies by mfg.


Also note that region itself varies by manufacturer. Volvo, for instance, includes PA in the same region as NY. Therefore, it’s just a matter of the dealer him or herself and what kind of discount you get, because the incentives could be exactly the same. PA and MD are likely different regions, though, since most would consider MD in the “mid-Atlantic” and not include PA in that.

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I actually posted a question regarding this about Ford yesterday to no response? Anyway we can get a thread going of a breakdown of each manufacture and how their incentives are based. Dealer address vs customer address?