Driving 2 hours to get a car. Anything a dealer needs to send me in email so I don’t get burned?

Hacked a deal that’s 2 hours away. Don’t want to sound like I don’t trust the dealer, but how can I guarantee the deal we worked out will be held up?

Written quote would be fantastic.


Ask them to email u the deal in writing so u will have a paper trail.

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Is this for the Jeep Cherokee? And if you have the dealer worksheet, id see about putting a deposit to hold the vehicle even so you can be sure its still there!


What @Electric said, get the deal in writing with a wet signature from the SM if you can. Make sure any other parts of the deal (i.e. all weather mats, oil changes) are also documented.

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This is what I received. Only thing I worry about is the $1065.98 Balance. I asked if I owe that because I said $0 DAS, and he replied in email that they’ll pay it, it’s just how they have to write it down. Is this enough, or should I ask for a new quote without that balance? Thanks!

This isn’t unusual. Looks legit.

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Not to sure on how they are finding $4,500 in rebates but other then that. Jump the gun.

Hey, if it’s legit and they don’t welch on it then go for it.

Def. worth the drive. Especially if they aren’t making you put a deposit on it. Can’t hurt

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$0 down payment is not the same as $0 DAS. I wouldn’t be surprised if they make you pay the 1st month and fees when you get there.

Dealer rebate will cover balance.

If I’m driving far away, I need it in writing.

A simple explanation of everything to a T so there are no misunderstandings. If they won’t do that, while not always, there is still a chance they’re hiding something.

I explain that I’m traveling a distance to get there, so I need to make sure it is exactly as I believe it is.

They also don’t need an angry customer blowing up in their dealership, so it’s for everyone’s benefit.