Drive Time Auto Group | GMC JUNE Deals | Serving the Northeast! BIG %’S OFF

Welcome to the official page for GMC at Drive Time Auto Group ! Below will be a link to our spreadsheet. Our base percent off and programs are on our spread sheet attached below! Yukon’s and Terrains will be moving like hot cakes this month. Please text at (201-820-8755)

We strictly serve the Northeast mainly ny nj pa ct

Our process here at Drive Time Auto Group, is super simple. We ask you chose the vehicle and deal you’d like to proceed with, then contact us by either email or phone number ( or (201-820-8755). We will then make sure that the car is reserved for you. We charge an upfront $599 broker fee for all of our deals, that is strictly non refundable, only in the event of declined credit from the bank, or under unique circumstances is it refundable. We offer in store pickup or at home delivery, which ever you’d prefer! We are available 7 days a week 9:30AM-9:00PM!

Texting is preferred and also encouraged if you need clarification or have questions that you’d like answered before doing business with us. (201-820-8755)

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Updates for May?

June updates are as follows, most if not all vehicle discounts remain about the same, however the one big difference is Sierra 1500’s Elevations. This month there is a strong 39 Month program making the majority of MSRP’d Elevations under a $60xxx sticker, in the 500’s per month.

Example Deal: GMC SIERRA 1500 ELEVATION 55xxx Sticker
$2,106 DAS $572 MONTHLY Including NJ TAX and Costco!
TEXT US AT (201) 820 8755

No current lease required? And how much can I save with GM family discount?