Does VW Credit have a MSD program?

I was talking to a VW Internet Sales Manager today and he was not familiar with Multiple Security Deposits (MSD). Looking at the LeaseHackr Calculator it does not mention if VW has MSD as an option. Google results are mixed, but it seems like VW credit does not offer it.

Is that correct?

I believe they only offer it on Audi models.

I may be wrong but last time I looked the MF on most VW’s was so low adding MSD’s would do you no good since you can’t go below 0. Maybe a GTI or Toureg is different but i think the mass market models the MF is essentially 0 already.

Yes it’s .00005 on a lot of the basic models right now. I’m paying a total of $56 in finance charges on my Jetta over 3 years.