Does this mean Chevy Bolt deals?

Apparently this “auto journalist” doesn’t understand anything about math.

Bloomberg reported in December Chevrolet’s electric vehicle shop positioned on the outskirts of Detroit was producing only about 100 Bolts daily. Thanks to General Motors, Chevrolet dealers will be waiting for the arrival of their first Bolts in July while Tesla plans to roll out more of its competitively priced Model 3.

Ultimately, the Bolt is being stymied by General Motors Co. The company is producing the vehicle at a significantly slower rate than Tesla.

How is GM producing vehicles at a significantly slower rate than zero per day (the current Model 3 production rate)?

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The sentence says “slower rate than Tesla” - doesn’t specifically say Model 3. Poor writing indeed, but not technically wrong.

There was an uptick in BOLT May sales, so that could stave off firesale for this month. There is still rising inventory and apparently a BOLT EV 2018 model to be announced in September, so I think the cold,cold days of November may look like best bet for deal …

Normally I’d agree with you, but the title of the article is “Chevy’s Bolt is Being Beaten To a A Pulp by Tesla’s Model 3”. I think it’s safe to assume he’s talking about that model.