Does the Uber partner rebate work on a lease?

Some manufacturers such as Hyandai and Kia participate in the Uber Partner Driver program. Kia currently has a $1000 rebate for drivers. I was told that it does not apply to leases. I looked online and there is no fine text, but I think my dealer lied to me during my recent lease when they said that it does not apply to a leased vehicle. Does anyone know? Thanks in advance.

The Uber partner rebate cannot be applied toward leases.

Thank you for your assistance. I was just trying to make sure that the dealership was being honest. Glad to know they were!

Are you sure about this? Several people here have said they have done this.

The uber incentive does apply to leases.

i got 1K off with uber on my 16 hyundai genesis lease about 7 months ago…