Does name have to match for PenFed, Costco, etc

When you use the PenFed, Costco, etc. incentives, what paperwork do you give the dealer? Is it just a code?

Penfed has your name on there somewhere.
Costco didn’t but I wouldn’t put money down that they don’t verify.

My only experience was Costco/A-plan (employer) w/Volvo and they needed the certificate number for both.

I’ve done 3 or 4 Costco and Penfed deals. Costco I’ve had to provide photos of my Costco membership, front and back, along with the certificate. Penfed the 8 digit code.

With both Costco and Penfed, you need to provide a certificate (usually emailed to you) with your name on it.

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Costco fine print specifically states “or member of household”. That verbatim means, you just have to “live there”. I would point that out.

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Does anyone have past experience data points on using a friend’s or relative’s certificate?

Yes, it wont work. If it’s not your name on the certificste, they will require proof that you meet the exceptions (household resident, etc)


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