Does Mercedes still offer Texas Tax rebate for leased vehicles?


I’m not sure if they ever did it before or not, if some one could share this info with me would be very helpful.

They do have tax credits for every model except the GLS.

Just kidding. Check with the dealer if they have credits.

Available but limited. Most dealers that are giving them up are using them to roll up the rate or back out discount agreed upon in finance.


what does that mean exactly, I sadly do not follow?

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Meaning that they will make it up on rate

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is rate the lease %? if so isn’t that better as you can lower it using MSD unlike sales Tax?

I guess you’ve got a point there regarding MSD. Better to be paying interest on a smaller financed amount.

I’ll take a look at this in the AM with the specs you sent me and see where we can be.


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