Does it ever make sense to lease an older BMW demo

Hi guys,

Been reading on the forum for a while and while I’m not really needing to lease a car I have been thinking about it.

My question is does it make any sense to lease a 2018 BMW 440i when it’s almost 2 years old now? The car in question is here:

I know that I wouldn’t get the lease credit but if I could get the price down to say $50,000 and still have my BMW loyalty credit that would still be a pretty good price.

Just wondering if there are other negatives on this. The miles are still super low (440 miles) but I believe the warranty started when it was put into service correct? Other than that and no incentive, are there any other downsides?


BMWFS doesn’t have a lease program for 2018’s. So you’d have to lease through a third party.

Can’t lease 2018 BMWs anymore

Hi Carlos, check with the dealer but I believe they are no longer able to lease 2018 models, just outright sell them.