Does Honda Financial negotiate the buyout price?

I got my relatives into a decent lease for a Civic a couple of weeks ago. They have already driven the car 3,000 miles. Seems like they will go over 45k miles after 3 years. It may be better to buy the vehicle. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to go about this with Honda Financial? Should they keep on driving and wait till the end of the lease? I know that BMW didn’t negotiate with me, but don’t have much experience with Honda (the buyout is kinda high).

No. Nobody negotiates (and rightfully so considering a lease is a signed contract).

Not exactly what I’ve heard. I have been told that if the car is not in demand, some companies will negotiate. I know in the past, Mercedes did want to negotiate on my E320.

You’ve been told that but do you have proof? Likely not. The last time negotiation was possible was on the G1 Volt. E320 hasn’t been a model in a long time, so that was likely 10+ years ago

Someone on this forum was offered a lower price than contracted on their Genesis lease return recently.

You used to be able buy out BMWs from dealers lower than your contracted price until BMW started penalizing dealers for doing so.

I sure hope ford is willing to play ball once my Fusion lease is over, that thing is definitely not gonna be worth near the buyout price but I like the car, I hope they realize they are gonna get hosed at auction and offer me a more favorable price

They are insured against the loss so they don’t care. And Ford doesn’t negotiate, but have fun trying!

Lol im just gonna ask over the phone and if no is the answer that car is going straight back to ford no biggie

People who drive 1,500 miles per week … why are they leasing?

AHF will not negotiate the buyout. You can try to sell the vehicle to shift, vroom, or carmax if they want to get out of it instead of buying it out without taking a big hit from being over miles. There may also be lease loyalty cash available to move into another Honda when the time come and that could also help.

Don’t stress over it. The worst thing that can happen is you end up buying a used car that you know has been taken care of and you already negotiated a discount when you initially leased it.

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Typically they drive about 600-700 miles a week, they were vacationing this past week. But still, I agree that they should be looking into buying instead of leasing.