Does FCA (Chrysler, dodge, Jeep) lease include GAP insurance?

I couldn’t get a clear answer from both the out of state dealer or FCA customer service.

Could any current leasee give me an answer?

Thanks for your time

Did you search the forum?

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Chrysler capital does. Credit unions include it as well.

There was literally a post about this yesterday or the day before. Ugh I hate when people don’t search before starting a new thread. It chaps my hide

Where? Post the link.

I have been on the site daily for the past 3 weeks. Didn’t see anything regarding the subject

This is for GM - I assume Chrysler should probably be along the same lines…



Monthly payments may be lower than purchasing the same vehicle and you’ll have multiple options at the end of your term. A leasing agreement from GM Financial also includes Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP).

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Dodge is FCA, Not GM

Thanks overlooked it