Does car need to be registered(plates) before selling?

Quick question as I’ve been getting conflicting answers from dealers. Some say no issues some say yes.

Selling my Audi. Doesn’t have plates yet. Current dealer I’m working with to buy the car want me to register first.

Other dealers have said it’s not an issue.

What’s the case here? Located in CO.


Varies by dealer - it’s entirely up to them. Otherwise, you could land up like this:


Need more info. Did you just lease/buy a new Audi? Buy out your lease?

Financed/purchased an Audi via Audi financial. Still have the temps on. Selling to a GMC dealer and purchasing a truck thru them

Even though CO is an ELT state, they’re crazy to until it’s registered. They have no insight if the deal is funded/title is recorded before you get your registration, MCO could still be floating around.

They could do anything, including giving you the GMC for $1, but they’re wise to insist on seeing actual permanent registration.

There are some that will buy on temp tags but most require the new car to be registered/plated.

Why? When a new car is bought/leased it doesn’t have a title yet. Every new car is issued what’s called a “MCO” which is Manufacturer Certificate of Origin and that is what is submitted to the DMV in order to get initially registered/title issued. That MCO is from the manufacturer and given to the initial dealer . It’s what they initially submit to the dmv to register you car.

So since your Audi is freshly purchased, it doesn’t have a title just yet. The GMC dealer is looking at it and sees there isn’t a title yet. They can’t legally sell a car without a title fyi so they don’t want it sitting there waiting on YOU to get it registered.

Hope this helps not only you, but all the other folks who are flipping new cars .


Yes and no.

A lot of dealers will buy cars before the title is produced but still want the car to be registered and have an actual carfax to pull etc.

Online sites are often different and want a title produced.

My personal experience with dealers is they will always buy once registered even if the title hasn’t been issued yet (8-14 days post reg roughly) but some won’t pay you until the title is issued.

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Ended up just getting my plates that morning… got a call from a diff dealer that a Denali just became available… went there, and they said you didn’t have to get your plates. We coulda done the deal with expired temps no problem…

Guess it’s really just up to the dealer lol. Oh well!

What was the deal?

Just a finance deal. Paid MSRP, dealer handling and some stupid nitro fill they wouldn’t drop.

Was a pre order where the original guy backed out. they didn’t even know they had it in the back. Inventory is still VERY scarce, especially on the upper trims

They front loaded the deal which I knew but didn’t wanna argue. Got my payment lowered 200$ when I got to finance after I kicked out the packages they added.

Very weird they didn’t have any GM warranties. All 3 party

Did you end up having equity in the newly purchased Audi you traded in?

I definitely took a bath on it lol. Payoff was 55k. Had offers of 49 and 48 which weren’t bad because of the tax savings. But ultimately took the deal of the truck I wanted vs the best deal