Does broker work with local dealership?

That is, if I lease a car through a broker here, they will get the car for me to pick up in my local dealership.

Depends on the broker. Some do, some get you the deal from a regional/out of state broker. They can usually arrange delivery depending on how far away it is.

If you want a broker to swing you a unicorn deal at a specific dealership 5 miles from your house, that is less likely. If their deals were that good, you probably wouldn’t need a broker.


Got it.

I am just preparing since I have a current lease that I need to return in 2 months.

Ideally, I can work with a broker that work with local dealership (not necessarily the dealership’s employee). I can get the new car and at the same time return the old one. Pre-inspection will be done before hand by AutoVin, so just a matter for a dealer to take the car and that’s it.

Makes sense. If you are getting the new lease at the end of your current one, and they just need to ground it and don’t have to worry about the trade or anything like that, that’s pretty easy whether it’s the same brand or a different brand.

I grounded a Ford lease the same day I picked up my GTI from VW (up near LA): I met the sales person, they followed in the GTI to Ford (where I had an appointment to turn it in), signed the odometer statement, and I drove the GTI with the salesperson back to the dealer and did my paperwork.

In SoCal I’ve only had luck (broker or not) with LA dealers, one lease I got in Vegas (flew in/drove back). Depending where you are, I’d be prepared to drive an hour for a deal, but you should be able to drive there / ground your old lease / drive back in your new one.



95% of the time people say “I want this car” and send a link, the reason we don’t work with a particular dealership is because they’re not friendly to brokers (i.e. SM that said, “I can sell cars on my own, thank you.”)

The other reason would, of course, be a combination of things - subpar deals, low inventory levels (think small-time dealership), hard to get in contact with people, etc.

We work with certain dealerships because of the deals they give us and the volume they support/allow us to move, which benefits both parties. If things aren’t working out, we move on.