Does a lease under $250 with $0DAS exist anymore?

My mom asking me to help her find a car (once again!).
She is elderly and just likes to sit higher up in any CUV/SUV. I realize I’ll likely need to convince her to move to a cheap lil sedan.
That said, after days on this forum I cant seem to find any car though, much less an SUV for under $250 anymore!
Are those days simply gone?

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The short answer is, yes.


I should add Im in Florida, the land of swindlers and the crappiest lease deals known to man.

To answer your title? No
To answer your question in the body ? Yes

If you lived in a $0 Tax state a Frontier MIGHT fit the $250 rule, but extremely hard to find and probably will be marked up.

Darn… :frowning:
I recall those Chevy Trax and Buick SUV leases under $200 just before Covid!
We even got offered $0 DAS $290 (tax in) on a Sonata SEL in June 2020, a few months after the pandemic started!

Frontier you say?? I’ll need to see if this deal can be replicated in FL tho!
(and see if mom can even drive a truck! lol)

I got a Hyundai Kona EV for $108 before TTL, or state rebates. I miss those days.

I don’t think anything is really in that range based on the broker ads in the west region (I don’t bother looking at other regions) except maybe a very rare 18mo leaf/frontier deal but It seems like those are nearly impossible to replicate now.
I don’t even really see much of anything advertised under $350 with a true $0 DAS (not $0 down, sign and drive).
Maybe your region is better (check the marketplace, make sure you are looking at MAY 2022 ads)

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Definitely do an extended test drive, at the minimum, before signing on a Frontier. The ride of a truck is going to be way more rough and bumpy than the CUVs she’s used to.

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I was afraid of that.
At 73, she’s also a bit of a slow and nervous driver (esp given how people drive in Miami) so I think a Murano would be better suited. I’ve noticed some deals out of NY for those but not much in Florida.

What about a Go Car Subscription? There is a thread on here somewhere. Looks like they have a Sentra for $250/month after tax.

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Does she have a lease ending soon, or is there another motivation for getting a new vehicle now?

She had a BMW lease that ended last year and thought she could get by without a car. She has a Mazda currently leased under her name for my brother. She now realizes she does need her own car and asked me to help out.

Whoa, this is VERY interesting and some pretty solid deals. Unfortunately, most have a wait.

Got it. Many of us with leases maturing soon are just buying them out to buy some time to look around.

Obviously not an option here. :slight_smile:

You could always rent a car for a month or 2. It won’t be cheap (~$1k per month), but cheaper than shelling out $600/month for a Corolla in the long run.

The Rav4 not coming to GoCar until Sept, so would need to rent for 5mo! :open_mouth: :upside_down_face:

I’m around 330 or so on a 30k msrp Tacoma sr access cab. Will have to ship or pickup though. Might be a little less with msds and a 30 month term.

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Hyundai venue SEL can be had for around 240+ tax plus inceptions. If you can get one for MSRP and no crazy adds. CALCULATOR | LEASEHACKR

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