Dodge will offer $10 rebate per horsepower

Hellcats anyone?




So far they’re not coming up in the lease incentives…:rage:

Only seems to be if you buy…so far.

That’s the discount I’ve been waiting for, except I only want to lease new. If I buy, I’m looking at used.

can’t watch video at work but didn’t see any distinction. that stinks it wouldn’t apply to a lease. I would consider buying with this rebate but still have 10 months left in my lease

I’d be shocked if they offered this incentive on a lease.

Is they sell it to a person or a bank, why does it matter? Unless they don’t want a plethora used cars flooding the markets 3 years from now?

What a cool promotion!

Big incentives like this typically don’t fall to lease sales. My suspicion is just that…they don’t want a ton of losses piling up in 3 years time.

Example…the 15-20% GM branded blowout sales that happen a couple times a year…purchase only. On top of that, it’s pulling teeth to get a GM dealer to discount the car before incentives during these promos, and act like the incentive cash is coming out of their pockets.


Yup, pretty much everywhere I’ve read, it points to no additional incentives on leases.

I retreat back last months position and see if any notable 2020 announcements come out. Go from there I guess.

motor 1 was one of the first to post the incentives and states it is for both purchase or lease

The FCA bulletin I got says purchase only


Haha, fca thought they would sell more cars but all this does is put 7k back in the dealer’s pocket, most dealers were already at 7-8k off MSRP. The rumor is that next year all hellcats will be widebody only so they are trying to clear dead inventory, charger has already been confirmed to go widebody only, my thinking is that once the widebody hits these cars will be obsolete and therefore dead weight, if fca is smart/ forced to then these rebates will be available on leases once the 2020s start dropping so stay tuned.

Moral of the story : FCA fix your fkn garbage dealerships


Anyone had luck leasing a hellcat this month ? I agree FCA dealerships are horrible by far the worst . That rebate is going straight to there pockets

Tried to lease one and the numbers are just horrible. The dealers I’ve tried don’t want to move at all.

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2020 models are even worse I’m getting quotes around $1200-1500. Dodge wants customers to buy these vehicles right now. Hoping for better lease programs in the spring for the mean time .