Dodge Ram deal or no deal

Looks like 9% off msrp

Pennsylvania lease

$4616 in savings keep in mind 3K is a rebate so actual dealer discount is 3.5% no deal tell them u need 10% dealer discount before 3K is added re run numbers and they might have your attention.

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I disagree, there is a smiley face at the bottom of the worksheet, it has to be a good deal as is. :wink:


For some more realistic feedback, have you double checked the incentives? I know in the Cleveland market, some dealerships are advertising between $5k to $8k in incentives.

I walked away. They lied about an ad for $1k on top of any truck trade. Unprofessional experience. Searching elsewhere for similar truck.

Found another dealer
Msrp 46730
$4490 discount
$6500 rebates not sure how they came up with that
$1300 trade
$413 zero out of pocket

That is higher than 398 than what you initially posted (because that was with $500 out of pocket).

It’s 1,000 more truck

Be sure you understand those rebates and that all of them apply to you. You want to be sure that they’re not promising you the world to get you in the door only to change things after you’re there.

Correct msrp is higher.
Dealer change bank to Chrysler
$3000 rebate
Not sure MF or residual
$342 zero out of pocket

Maybe I’m looking at the wrong model. Anyone know if Dodge Ram classic or express lease better?

Head over to the Edmunds forums and ask in the Ram leasing thread. They’ll give you the MF/RV for whichever trims you’re looking at.

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.00011 57% $2k incentive

Express classic quad 4x4
43120 msrp
.00007 51% $6500 rebate
0 down