Dodge new security system

This is great

From the article:
The cars can still be started and driven without the second-level security entered, but the 675 rpm restriction limits them to 2.8 hp and 22 lb-ft of torque, which is slightly less than the 485-807 hp and 475-707 lb-ft the engines are capable of.

I constantly see people posting on car related groups about their Dodge/FCA car being stolen during the night in the Chicago area. Dodge should actually work on making their cars harder to steal through duping the key. 3 HP is enough to get it around the corner, onto a flat bed, and then to a chop shop.


I honestly think this has a lot more to do with shops, valets abusing these cars than with theft. This way you can still move the car around the lot, but you are not going anywhere really.

As an anti-theft feature it is pretty pointless, just thought it was cool from the feature point.

A car that is harder to steal? Keep Dreaming. Can’t stop a tow truck.

How long will it take for a youtube video of two being raced in this mode?


It is much harder to steal a car that is being dragged onto a tow truck than one that is operable.

“Locks keep out only the honest.” I think any anti-theft is to make things harder, not impossible. Something only has to be more expensive to steal than the effort is worth, outside of those parameters someone will always figure out a way to do it.

When people tell me their car was stolen and it’s a recent model, usually it’s towed.
Recent models are extremely hard to steal with key immobilizers in place.

Of course a specialized thief who is looking for Scat Packs and has the special equipment to steal that brand / model do exist.

but generally? It’s a tow truck. GTOger shows a model that just parks on the side the car, lift the entire car to position it for front towing and drive off with it…all in minutes.

So I don’t believe a new security system will slow people down. Might work against racing Valets. If these guys have equipment to defeat the immobilizers now, they are probably able to defeat the ‘slow’ security system.

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They have the European style lift equipped flatbeds in the US? I just never seen one here.

I mean something like this:

They are not defeating immobilizers now. This has been happening forever in Europe (which is why BMW’s new key goes to sleep after 30 minutes) where the key’s signal is duplicated to a signal amplifier, which is then used to unlock the car and start it. Therefore, the system does not detect that it is being broken into and the immobilizer is not activated.

I agree with the point that a crew that is quick with a tow truck will take it anyways. But again my original point was that making the cars drive at 3mph will not do much to stop a tow truck. Dodge should focus making a more secure key that will at least prevent thieves without a tow truck from stealing a car.

Ah I see, I guess I hit reply on the wrong person. Sorry, I was trying for NJC original post and ended on yours.
Hmm…duplicating keys when nearby, wow that is a dedicated crew and they were looking specifically for that car.

But as a bonus, this video shows them towing sideways. Yikes

Yeah, definitely great. Thanks for sharing.