Dodge Journey Crossroad

Looking into a 16’ Journey Crossroad, does anyone know the current MF/Residual? 3 year/36,000 for (Las Vegas).

I’m looking at the discounts applied to the vehicle online:

MSRP $30,185
Discount -$1,500
Rebate -$4,000

Net Cost $24,685

What kind of payments would I be looking at if I were to include all the typical fees into the lease?


2016 Journey Crossroad, 36/12K

US Bank:
45% residual, .00119 MF
$3,250 IDL Lease Cash + $750 Bonus Cash
$695 acquisition fee

Targeted: $1,000 Conquest Lease Cash, $500 Military, $500 Lessee Loyalty

The Chrysler Capital program has an MF of just .00004, but unfortunately I don’t have the residuals or rebates.