Dodge Journey 2017 Lease - help

Hi Hackrs,
I am seeing a dodge dealer tomorrow to talk about leasing Journey GT AWD 2017. I asked him for a rough estimate with 1000 down.
He gave me 24 months/12k miles @315 + taxes per month.

Please throw some light on where to negotiate. I do not know the MF and Residual on this model. I am located in Kansas City.

Why don’t you plan on going there for a test drive only. Tell him you are looking at other brands. Unless you enjoy spending 4 hours playing games with the dealer, you should be negotiating over email, not in person. Also, try to ask him for $0 down – why do you want to put a downpayment?


I thought having a down payment might lower the interest rate. But was reading through lease “principles” and realized it do not make a difference. I am going to the dealer for a test drive today.

What’s the trim? GT?

What market?

Hi Benedetto, yes GT. Kansas

Get the total breakdown before you go any further.

If they’re unwilling to turn it over, move on.

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This offer is way off the mark. Dodge is offering some huge incentives right now. I could not find the MF or residual but using industry standards we can get a rough idea.

Msrp: 34990
Sale price: 33165 (-5.2%)
Rebates: 9250 (4000 bonus cash, 5250 lease cash)

MF: .00250 (6%apr) - this is a guess, you should get better.
Residual: 60% (20994)
Average could be up or down.

Gross capital cost: 33760
Adjusted capital cost 24510
Depreciation 3516
Interest 4095

Monthly before tax 211 mo
211 due at signing.

This is best case in my eyes there are 3 bonus cash rebates calculated in there that i doubt stack. If you get 1 of them at 2000 payments should be roughly
271 mo.

My guess is they didnt factor bonus cash at all.

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Where did you pull the rebates?

RETAIL BONUS CASH - not lease.

Just to double that one down

Let’s wait for his full breakdown before we start throwing out prices.

Good call. I did say it was a best case scenario You are right we should wait for full breakdow.

That $1000 is regional retail cash.

There might be IDL cash through US Bank.

This is what dealer texted me.

MSRP : $37,679
Rebates: 10,000
Selling price : $27,679
Money factor is .00067. The residual value is 20,347

$2,750 on select Dodge models

$4,750 on select Dodge models

So their selling it for sticker less rebates.


Edit: $7,500 rebates doesn’t equal the 10k they sent you.

Sorry, did not get you.

This is the sticker.

That’s 2017 Highlander money. Are you sure you want to spend the same on a dinosaur like the Journey?

I was actually attracted to the 10,000 rebate I saw online. I test drove the car today and not impressed.
I am tryiing to lease an SUV.