Dodge Durango RT - Florida - Newbie needing advice please!

Hi all, long time lurker, first time poster.

I am going to apologize in advance if I miss anything out here, or don’t give enough information. Any advice here would be greatly appreciated.

Stuck in an awful lease on a GMC Canyon Denali right now and getting close to the end, so I have started to look. I am looking specifically at a Dodge Durango R/T, mainly because I am a 40 year old father of two and my wife doesn’t think a two seater convertible is acceptable.

I am based in Orlando, Fl.

Emailed a few dealers for a $0 DAS quote on the Durango R/T and the best I have got back so far is as follows

Year, Make Model: Dodge Durango, RT, 2020
MSRP: $50,250
Sale Price: $42,500
Monthly Payment: $614
Drive off amount: $0
Months: 36
Miles: 12k Annually
MF: 0.00018
Residual: 52%
Location: Orlando

I can’t seem to get the numbers to work right on the calculator, but I will keep trying and update if I can get it right.

My question is, this seems high and I want to get some advice on where I can attack the dealer to get this down.

Any advice is appreciated. Like I say I am a newbie when it comes to actually trying to work to get a good deal. Been stuck in a pretty crappy lease for the last 3 years and don’t want to repeat that mistake!

Thanks all

What part of the discount is incentives?

This is definitely why I came on here to ask! Because when I asked that question this was the reply I got

"The Sale price including discounts and rebates is $42,500.

The residual is $24,793.60

The Money factor is 0.00018"

So first piece of advice is to find out what is discount and what is incentive I guess?

Did they provide all the numbers to you, or only partially and you’re combining with data from Edmunds forum? Could be the dealership are quoting you from a different financial provider and they use different numbers. Could be US Bank or Ally

Yea I mean you should be able to find out on edmunds or looking in dodges website.

Looks like $4k in incentives:

I will confirm, but that’s what I found as well. Thanks for looking up

What’s your tax rate?

6.5% in Orlando

This is what I get with those numbers.

Awesome Thank you @JD81

Yep, looks like there’s some padding perhaps.

Florida Doc fee is normally high so that would account for some of it but still a couple of $k out. @Canveydave Did they mention any dealer add-ons as that could be some of the difference. Did they provide you with a full detailed quote? If not they can hide it and you’ll only know when you’re signing the contract.

I don’t know what the going rate is or inventory levels are in Florida but the dealer discount seems a little low.

If you haven’t looked outside Orlando, I’d recommend widening your search. I tried to buy a car at Orlando dealerships. That’s what made me a carmax customer for the next decade.

Yea I would shoot for 10% if they inflate the MF your still at about 500. I pay $495 and got mine two years ago.

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Thanks Gents,

You’ve given me a great starting point

Anytime, and as others have said widen the net. If getting another few grand off means a few hundred shipping or a weekend road trip it’s worth it.