Dodge Durango R/T

Hi All.

Has anyone gotten a good lease deal on a Durango R/T recently? If so, what were the numbers?

Thank you.

I’d recommend searching the forum so you don’t have to wait for responses

Yep, I tried searching first but nothing recent came up.

This means that it probably doesn’t lease well so nobody pursues it

If you are located in SoCal, I can get you a Durango for $519.05 Monthly Payment Including 9.5% LA County Tax with $2000 DAS 36 month Lease 10,000 Miles Per Year, you must have a current non-GM non-FCA Leased Vehicle in your household though to qualify for lease conquest rebate.

Thank you for responding but I’m in Florida.

@ralphsaphony just got one of my buddies a Durango R/T, MSRP of about $55k on a 36/12 lease @ $599 including tax, just plates and docs and first month DAS


Unfortunately, they do not lease very well. This was the car I wanted but found a $52,310 2018 Infiniti QX60 for $200 / month less @ $359/month. Could not justify (I wanted to, and I tried) spending the extra $200/month for the Durango.

Yeah, I’m realizing they don’t lease well. A local dealer came back with $684 a month with around $1000 DAS…crazy!
Wow, you got a great deal on the QX60. I’m driving a base QX60 now for $455 a month, 15K miles a year.

Just yesterday at Jeep Chrysler dodge of manahawkin I got the 2019 Durango sxt plus awd for $360/month and only $500 down and they took my existing car and paid the remainder of what I owed for it approx $7500.

I bet you had equity then

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Did they just completely payoff the 7500?

yeah paid off and took the car (other would call this a trade-in) and probably made a killing on it seeing that the 360/mo w/500 down is not even in ballpark of what others are seeing on this vehicle.