Dodge Durango deals? $7,000 in Rebates- 2018 R/T model

2018 Durango RT has $5,000 bonus cash plus another $1,000 lease cash, plus $1000 lease conquest.

$7,000 rebates on a 2018 model.

Any idea what the numbers should look like? Anyone recently do any deals?

does anyone know if the $7,000 has to be applied as a CCR, or is it a discount off MSRP?

I have been trying to work a deal on a 2018 Durango R/T for about 6 weeks and have the hardest time finding one I like or a decent deal, if I find something close to what I want. The $5,000.00 bonus cash is for US Bank, with has a MUCH higher MF (last I looked it was 7% vs Chrysler Capital at .12%), plus I have heard very bad reviews on the end of lease process for US Bank. The best deal I have found so far is through Chrysler Capital, a $55,155 MSRP at $625 month including tax (6%) on a 39/12, with only the first months payment due at signing. The deals through US Bank were in the mid to upper $700’s, plus at least $1200.00 down, which is CRAZY for a Dodge. If you find any good deals, please post them on here. I am determined to find one by the end of the month.

wow thats crazy

I’m being told the GT is the way to go, $369 a month for a fully loaded GT, $2k upfront for taxes and fees.

I am only interested in the Durango if it has the SRT or R/T frond end and hood. If it wasn’t for that, I could probably get a great deal on a '17 R/T or a '18 GT. I believe you can get the '18 GT with the new hood, but not the same front end. However, I have not found one yet. Good luck on your search!

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Where is this being offered and on what MSRP car? Sounds like a great number.

Don’t know exact specifics, it’s from a local broker in my neighborhood, I follow them on instagram, the owner messaged me with those numbers when I asked


Does that broker also have deals on a challenger?

Not sure, I pm’ed you the broker info.