Dodge Challenger/ Charger

Year: [2017]/[2016]
Make, Model, and Trim: [Dodge Challenger Scat pack /Charger Scat pack]
Months/Annual Mileage: [36/12K]
Zip Code: [60169]
I’m looking for numbers for Both the cars whichever is better I might go with it. If anyone can provide US bank and Chrysler capital numbers I would be very thankful to them. As you can see I’m looking for only the 6.4l engine no fancy features. So the cheapest 6.4 I could find was Scat Pack , any recommendations?

Hoping to piggy back off this I’m also looking for info.
Year: [2017]
Make, Model, and Trim: [Challenger Scat Pack]
Months/Annual Mileage: [36/12K]
Zip Code: [33029]

Current RV/MF? Incentives?

Currently have a bit of negative equity and got some numbers back from the dealer which I don’t think make perfect sense. Thanks for any help.

Also here for details. Looking at an R/T 392 or Scat Pack with the 6 piston brakes and manual trans