Dodge and Chevy MF

Hello all.
Does anyone have know the MF for dodge and chevy. Also, do you know the residual for the following vehicles?
15/16 caravan and Durango
15/16 traverse

Any help will be appreciated!

Unfortunately I do not have any numbers for Chrysler Financial.

As for GM, here’s the program for Traverse:

2016 Traverse LS/1LT FWD or AWD
Month, Residual (15k/yr), MF
24, 66%, .00055
27, 64%, .00055
36, 58%, .00065
39, 56%, .00065

$600 CCR (lease cash)

Residual adjustments:
24 and 27 month: Add 1% for 12K, add 2% for 10K
36 and 39 month: Add 2% for 12K, add 3% for 10K

Residuals are a bit lower for 2LT and LTZ. The 2015 models do not have supported programs (i.e., standard MF rate).

Check with TrueCar or the Chevy site for conquest cash and other targeted/regional offers.

Thank you. Anyone has the numbers on Chrysler financial?