Doable? '17 lexus nx200t awd or sport @ $350/m $0 down nyc

Preferably with blind spot monitoring and moonroof. Basically a $44k msrp. In NYC. Taxes inclusive. Can I get it for $350 per month with 0 down? Is this unrealistic? Thank you

Probably unrealistic. The only Lexus SUV leasing well is the GX which is around $460-470/mo. The NX and RX are in high demand.

I agree that the targeted number is unrealistic. I disagree that the GX leases the best. I think the NX and RX lease better than the GX as they are Lexus’ volume vehicles and are usually discounted/incentivized more than the GX.

i’d love to see where i can find GX under 500

Well, not right this minute but last December (in NY even) including tax but 7500 miles

If I’m willing to do 7500 and drive to a different state, is it possible to make it a reality?

Even back in Lexus’ December to Remember event, people were not able to get under $350/month (tax included) when putting down max MSDs.

Only a dealer can make this a reality (maybe a broker here) so go find some dealers and send emails out. Try to find the specific vehicle and use the calculator or “by hand” to build your own deal. The place you will play around with is the “selling price” (discount off MSRP) and max up the MSD. See if any dealer would give you that discount.

The chance of this happening without you doing any serious work (basically doing the work for the dealer) is even lower

Oh I started emailing dealers before I made this post. And I’ll email more as the month moves along. I just wanted to know if I was being delusional with that number.

I would did you end up doing I was looking for a similar vehicle and I’m also in New York

See my SoCal deal on a 2017 NX200t…

Got my mom into a GX460 for $499.99/month at Ray Cantena in New Jersey last year. Here are the basic numbers:
MSRP: 58,080
Sale Price 53,425
Due at inception 6870 (this includes a 1000 recent college grad credit, doc/title/bank fees, max MSDs of 4500 and a cap reduction cost of $671 to get payment to $500/month)
Residual is 63%
Money Factor is .00068