Do you need to make downpayment in mdusa finance if you are on visa?

Any opinions or information about above topic?

Not sure I understand the question. You are asking if you need to make a down
payment to lease a Mercedes Benz if you’re in the US on a time-contingent visa?

I don’t really know the answer, but I imagine it’s tied to your credit history, aka, have you established a FICO score and is it decent enough to be able to actually be considered by MBFS? Many of the European brands have foreign resident leasing programs but they are always considerably expensive.

Yes that’s what I was asking. Thank you so much cause merc agent tried to get a down payment from me because of this and I was like it’s the first I am hearing of this. Thank you again

What type of visa are you on ? How long has you credit been established for ? How is your current credit score? Do you have a prior auto loan on your credit history?

5 years credit ,750+,h1b,2 different loans

I dont think it should be an issue at all.

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Sales wants down payment to make lease a little lower and try to jam product to get a little higher.

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