Do I need to service my leased car at dealership?

First time leaser here, sorry if this is a silly question
If there is an issue with the car (i.e., I blew a tire, need new brakes, etc.) can I get the tire replaced at a local body shop or do I need to take the car to the dealership?

NO you do not. Should have searched for the answer first.
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Nope, but if you have work done elsewhere, it’s not a bad idea to hold on to the receipt if there is a future discussion about if the work was done.

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oops, sorry!

No worries. Happens

As stated above, nope, no reason to visit the dealer. However there are many times the dealer will have service bulletins that independent shops won’t. Like on my Cadillac there were two different times that the transmission fluid had to be changed to get the transmission to shift better. Cadillac changed the fluid type. Also another one to prevent the back up camera from flickering and another to modify the sunroof drain lines to keep them from clogging. So perhaps a good idea to check with the dealer from time to time.

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