Do I buyout my X5?

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2020 X5 lease coming due in September. Mixed feelings on what to do. The calculator from the purchase is below. Appreciate any feedback.

Ah, the good old days where X5’s had a reasonable residual.

Is there any benefit for you to buy now instead of waiting another 4-5 months? That way BMWFS will have the risk incase something happens to you car before the end of the contract.

yes of course you do

When you buy out your lease, just like buying any car, all those taxes and fees implicitly make it a long-term commitment. Otherwise short-term ownership makes the effective payment go through the roof.

Main question is, how comfortable are you owning an X5 out of warranty and then trying to sell it afterwards?

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Pretty comfortable. It has low mileage, 13k. Hasnt given me trouble yet.

I would wait until lease end to buy out. No rush

Warranty will run out on either time or miles, whichever comes first.

What would be your plan to sell it eventually?

Not sure. Maybe keep it as a daily.

Do you plan to keep the car for at least 2 years?

I probably will if there are no other options.

Guess the only potential issue with waiting 4-5 months and buying then is interest rates on a bank loan may be higher then vs. today.

Famous last words of a BMW owner :rofl:


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