Do Fords Lease Poorly?

Has anyone had any luck getting a great deal on a Ford lease? I’m getting terrible offers here in Florida for the Edge and Explorer.

I believe it is difficult to find any good deals in Florida as these dealers are not willing to discount the cars and have an inflated Dealer cost.

They absolutely do. Some of the worst MF’s around.

Agree, even with Ford X-Plan pricing, leasing an Explorer or a Titanium was not very cost-efficient for me in FL. Same issue with Toyota Highlander. However, you could get lease a nicely equipped Toyota Highlander XLE in New England and bring it to FL!

In SoCal, looking at the 2016 Edge Titanium with 302A and Driver package, the best I could do for 3yr/30K lease for the following car: was $499/month (incl tax), $1500 drive-off ($80 doc fee + $4?? DMV + acquisition + 1st month). The residual for 3yrs/10K was 55%, and the money factor was ~2.4%. I’m using a 2017 Sorento SX Limited as my baseline ($450/mo), and the Edge just didn’t measure up. The sales guy was really nice, and gave me a detailed walk-through, but the internet sales manager did the “will you commit to $400/month” routine, and then came back with $499, so I walked out.

F- Find
O- On
R- Road
D- Dead