DMV Lease review thread - servicing: NY, NJ, CT, PA, DC, MD, VA, FL, & all other states. Can source cars nationwide

I ordered an M4 through Ashleigh on 3/22, I paid half of her fee upfront, submitted a credit application, and paid a deposit to the dealership. At the time I was told that the dealership did not have any allocations but that they were expecting some soon. Though there seemed to be delays on the dealership’s side which turned this into weeks and then months without an allocation, during this time I found Ashleigh to be very helpful and responsive. I would send her emails every few weeks asking if there had been any progress and she would generally get back to me within the day. One day in May, Ashleigh called me and said that I finally had an allocation and she wanted to double check my order before submitting it. Shortly after that conversation, I followed up to see if I had been assigned a production number and she responded saying that the dealership had decided to sell that car for MSRP but not to worry that I would be getting one soon.

A few more weeks go by until one day in June I noticed that Ashleigh had posted on here saying that some new allocations had just come in. Since I thought I was next in line, I sent her an email asking if there had been any progress on mine, but I did not receive a response. I called Ashleigh a few days later and left a voicemail, no response. After a week with no response, I reached out to the dealership contact directly and I was informed that the dealership was no longer honoring our deal and would only be selling at MSRP. I reached out to Ashleigh again, over email and phone, still no response. To this day I still have not heard from Ashleigh, her last email to me was on 5/21.

To be clear, I do not blame Ashleigh for the dealership going back on their deal, she has no control over allocations or pricing. What has left me frustrated is that Ashleigh has completely stopped responding to any of my attempts at reaching her and this is made worse by the fact that she is active on here pursuing new business. If she had reached out to me and explained the situation (or at least responded to my inquiries) this would be a much different review.

Based on the reviews here and conversations I have had with friends who have done business directly with Ashleigh’s main dealership, I believe that Ashleigh would be a great broker if your deal goes well. However, it seems that when something goes wrong, rather than address it head on or try to resolve it, Ashleigh chooses to ignore her clients and have them figure it out on their own. I now find myself in a position where my current lease (which I already had to extend due to these delays) is coming to an end soon and I need to rush to find a new car in perhaps one of the worst markets we have ever seen (certainly a very different one than we saw in March).


Similar story for me. I just decided for forget it until next year. Ashleigh has been pretty responsive, especially when we first started talking, I too was told in late March the allocation was coming within a few weeks. Nothing. The made it clear that the premise of the deal was a June delivery… which Ashleigh said would be the case and David told her the allocation was scheduled for June delivery. Then I had some work issues so I told Ashleigh to hold off, and I have to say, she was wonderful through that stressful period. That’s when I found out I was like 3rd in line so we could decide when the allocation came in. (Wasn’t told so many were in front of me when we did the order!). Then, since I knew the allocation was no where in sight I would just wait for the AWD instead. Since that was not expected for months, I asked for my deposit to the dealership back… after asking numerous times I just gave up and went to AMEX and they credited it back immediately. In her defense, she at first did offer to return her 50% fee but I let her hold on to her 50% fee because I still thought we’d eventually get the deal done… she even emailed me saying she spoke to David and they would honor the discount because I referred multiple customers, but at 1% less than the RWD which was still quite fair. Then, just recently, I was finally presented with an allocation… but it was only at full MSRP! I thought perhaps losing the deal was my own fault because I asked her to hold off on the RWD, but now I see others that also had done deals were also told they would be at full MSRP! Deals with deposits NOT honored. I know Ashleigh has no control over the dealers and they will get all the $$ they can get if it’s there to be taken but if David was as much of a superstar dealer as she claims him out to be, they would have honored people’s existing deals or at least tried to work out something, even if it was in the future. David was included in multiple emails and he never answered even once.

I’ve since asked Ashleigh for my 50% back since I did not see any deal happening. Nothing. As overall responsive as she’s been, and I know she’s bombarded with emails, I am still waiting for that. I wish she would have been more up front on day one, not leading me to believe the allocation was coming any time… and that I was behind multiple others too! That is the one part of it all that was misleading and disappointing.

As mentioned previously, if everything goes smoothly… allocations are available, and David can easily drop in an order, the process is smooth…as has been the case with others above. The new M3/M4 is obviously a mess with limited allocations and all the other supply chain issues, and that’s not her fault. I will likely try to do this again next year when all the issues and “newness” wears off, and yes, I will try to work with Ashleigh or another broker again. I think the circumstances right now are very extraordinary and that’s not her fault, but the communications related to allocations and expectations should have been more forthright from day one.


Ashleigh made the whole transaction super easy and smooth from start to finish. Quick to communicate and answer any of your queries. Thanks for the amazing deal and for all your help!!!


As a customer who typically goes to dealers and negotiates deals, I was very skeptical of utilizing a Lease Brooker. With the current market situation, I reached out to Ashleigh on a great deal that she posted for a BMW M4. I have to say this was one of the most amazing leasing experiences I could have asked for.

TLDR: Ashleigh is a passionate car enthusiast and a great broker, and she works with a dealer that has longtime experience with BMW which lead to me getting an incredible deal on a car that is high in-demand.

Areas of strength: Ashleigh promised a promised a price that was better than most deals on this forum AND significantly better than any dealer I was able to speak with. She communicated accurate updates on the process of my car order and in the end I was able to pick up the exact car that I built at the exact price that I wanted.

Areas of improvement: There were times where Ashleigh was very busy and did not respond to updates/questions for a day or so. As a brand new customer that lead to me being anxious, but in reality I should have been patient and understood that this is a business that her and her dealer have been in for along time and that I will receive my answers with a delay in some instances.

Overall this was an amazing process and I will 100% keep my future purchases with her. I had to remind myself that patience is key when it comes to special orders and that the process can take time from order to allocation to the actual shipping.

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Let me first start off by saying I have been diving bmws for over 10 years and I have been using a particular dealer / salemans

However when the new g80 m3 came out my dealer was not giving any discounts and I had to wait for an allocation.

That being said this was my first time using LEASEHACKR, Ashleigh specifically. This woman was nothing short of amazing! Not only did she get me %5 off this sort after new m3, she made the process so effortless! She communicates constantly and I received my car 3 weeks early. In addition, I referee a friend recently and she was able to get him a custom build for a discontinued color.

If your thinking of using a broker I STRONGLY suggest Ashleigh she surpassed all my expectations!


I’m 52 years old, and have always loved cars, dating back to when I was 10. A true car enthusiast. And since I’ve always wanted “nicer” cars, I bought used cars, typically about 3 years old, so I could afford a little more car than I could get if I bought new. And I bought a series of great cars that I absolutely loved, from a Nissan 300ZX Turbo, to a Mazda Millenia to a Lexus GS430…all long-term ownership cars, all bought 3-years old.

I never really cared about getting a “new” car, until in the last 5 or 6 years when I decided that I’d really like to have the latest technology in a car (I do like all the techno gizmos, I tend to use them all), and I thought, “Wouldn’t it be nice to have that new car factory smell that I’ve always silently longed for?”

Having bought a 2013 BMW M car that I adored, I figured I may go back to an M car. And lo and behold, the new one was released, I saw it in person, tracked all the reviews on the car, and then I locked in that I wanted to get the new 2021 BMW M4. But allocations were few, and dealers in my area wouldn’t budge off the MSRP. I knew I couldn’t pay MSRP, so I scoured the country looking for a deal, and I found a few, in far away states. But I was ready to work a deal with a dealer a 1,000 miles away, and simply have the car shipped…not my preferred option but the best I could find.

Then, by the kindness of someone on the BMW forum, they recommended using a Broker, a Broker that was referred to him. He said she could help find an allocation, and could get me a discount. I barely believed him. He game me her email, and I contacted Ashleigh.

Ashleigh and I connected, and she took the time to explain the whole process to me, verbally over the phone, and I was sold. The plan quickly pivoted to….I would use Ashleigh, and I would order the car I wanted, and get the higher discount. And she was true to her word, every step of the way. Everything Ashleigh promised, I received, down to the penny. My first new car purchase was superb, and I will certainly be using Ashleigh in the future if I’m fortunate to buy another new car. And with the discount, I was able to afford more options than I would have gotten otherwise. My car is exactly what I wanted, every option, thanks to her.

Thus, Ashleigh is forever cemented into my car enthusiast journey that started at age 10, culminating in me ordering my first new car. New car smell!!! I love it. Treasuring every second when I drive this car.

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I was one of the above with the same issue. Email her again, Martin. I got my refund back this week and as I said, it’s just a firestorm of events that caused all this crap and unfortunately, we were in the middle of it. My own long time dealer of over 20 years even said he’s never seen anything like this. They usually have hundreds of BM<W’s on the lot and literally have less than 40 now. I certainly don’t condone the communications or lack of response, but she will get your money back for you. If not, post again!


Ashleigh was great, the entire process went extremely smooth (with one ridiculous bump, stand by)! She got me pretty much exactly what I wanted and it was a great deal.

I’d been in my Toyota Sequoia since 2001 until a tree fell on it while I was driving it; those repairs plus it needing a THIRD entire exhaust system made me decide I wanted to get into a NICE car and also a lease so I wouldn’t have to do major maintenance. I do miss that truck though.

Anyway, my first BMW was a 2018 330i Xdrive that I leased for 2 years from a nearby dealer in April 2019. I probed around contacting dealers in my area (SE Michigan) via email, looking for someone who would deal over email and I just go in person to pick up. I finally found one (Erhard in Farmington Hills) who was great, they gave me a great deal on the 2018 which was a service loaner. It was silver, and I loved it but there were features I wished I had, so when it was time to turn it in, I decided to try a broker so I could ask them to find exactly what I wanted.

I browsed Leasehackr and reached out to four different brokers listed here, who did BMW. The first three over a few weeks were pretty underwhelming. I had specific questions on the process, and told them what I was looking for up front, and I got anywhere from very vague answers, to non-answers to “did you even read the question” answers. I was thinking about giving up, then I tried DMVLease. Ashleigh responded literally in minutes, and by the next day she’d found “the” car which was basically everything I wanted, in the color I wanted. 2021 330i Xdrive in blue … it also came with the M appearance package, which I wouldn’t necessarily have ordered but that’s ok. Also, I’d really liked to have had a M340 but a deal on that wouldn’t have been as good and I couldn’t swallow the significant cost increase.

The process was almost completely smooth … the one bump I mentioned above was this: the dealer sent the paperwork to a notary in my area, who I then met at a local Fedex Kinkos. That was all fine, but the crazy thing that happened was that UPS lost the signed paperwork going back to the dealer. They knew it made it to MD, but after that, they had no idea. So, the dealer had to send out a new paperwork set and I had to go through the whole signing process again, so that ate up 1.5 weeks at least. But otherwise, everything was completely smooth including the 3rd party shipping to get the car from MD to MI. And even that was better than expected, they told me like 5 days, but the same day the driver picked the car up, he texted me mid-day to ask if it was ok to drop it off right away since that was better for him. So I got it at like 11pm on the same day. Awesome!

Completely happy with Ashleigh and DMVLease, I will go to her again in 3 years when this lease is up. Very responsive to email, uses modern money apps like Venmo to make things super easy. It was great!

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Hi everyone!

These deals/cars will be from a dealership based on the east coast, but we have a nationwide reach and access to pull cars from dealerships all over the country. DMV Lease’s main service areas are: MD, DC, VA, PA, DE, NY, NJ, CT, etc., but we ship cars throughout the country every day (we even have customers in Alaska!).

As of November 2020, I am focusing solely on BMW. I do have partner brokers that can assist with other makes, however.

We have a special for no fee until December 31, 2022, but as of January 1, 2023, I will revert back to my regular fee of a flat $599, which is due upon the approval of a credit application.

Please feel free to message or e-mail me at with the following:

  • Name
  • Zip code
  • Model you’re looking to lease (I can also negotiate the price on a purchase)
  • What kind of car you currently have
  • Budget

You can also fill out my form:

The brokering service includes both listed deals and specific requests. We receive a high volume of requests, so we tend to not list things in a spreadsheet. Dealer inventory also sometimes changes more quickly than we would be able to update a spreadsheet. Additionally, if you are interested in purchasing a car rather than leasing, that’s okay too! The major component of our service is to negotiate the selling price of your new car, no matter how financing is secured. Please fill out our form for requests; they are answered in the order received: DMV Lease Questionnaire .

Feedback and constructive criticism are welcome. Thank you!

DMV Lease has been in business since November 2020 and is an LLC registered in Montana and New York.

Phone: (833) 696-0997

Highly recommend working with Ashleigh / DMV Lease. Most responsive broker I’ve ever worked with, and pricing/process is super straight forward. Loving my x5 m50i and my wife can’t wait for her 40i.

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Thanks so much, Mike! It was so easy to work with you on both cars. Looking forward to when your parents’ leases are up to work with you again!

I highly recommend using DMV for all BMWs.

Working with Ashleigh was an absolute pleasure. She’s attentive, responsive, and aggressive in representing your interests to the dealer. I look forward to working on more deals with her.

Thank you for helping me get the m550!

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Thanks so much, Mohammad! I’m still surprised we even got that discount. :slight_smile: Looking forward to working with you on the next car soon!

This thread is for reviews only. PM broker directly or post in broker’s marketplace thread.