DMV Lease review thread - servicing: NY, NJ, CT, PA, DC, MD, VA, FL, & all other states. Can source cars nationwide

Ashleigh was awesome on my custom ordered 2021 BMW M2 Competition. Her communication skills were fantastic text, calls, emails every step of the process. I could not be happier the car is awesome. She got me a great deal. Better then any deal I could ever get on my own. I tried prior to speaking with her. I’m very impressed. My wives car will be done through her.

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Ashleigh reached out to me with an amazing deal on my custom 2021 330xi build lease. The first time we spoke she laid out everything in an easy-to-understand way and helped me with any questions I had with a quick response time. I will definitely be using her in the future (probably for my wife!) and recommend her to anyone else I know looking at brokers.

Also thank you for telling me about PCD! That was a fun experience!

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It was such a pleasure to work with you, Anthony! I was so glad it all worked out, even though you had to wait to go to the PC because they had a backlog. It was all worth it! I can’t wait to work with you again when Ivy decides to get a new car (or possibly your mom! :wink:).

Enjoy the car and thanks so much again!

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Chiming in here as well. Though I did not end up leasing, the communication and effort was amazing in searching for what I was after. I was after things that are basically gone, and she found at least one of them, I just didn’t pull the trigger.
High recommendations here just on our short experience.

Will definitely be back when the time comes. Thank you for your help.

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I started on the process of ordering a custom-built 330i with Ashleigh back in August 2020 while she was still working with Insight Auto. The order was placed in September for PCD pickup. The communication was excellent up to this point with very fast responses even on the weekends. Once the car entered production I was keeping an eye on the status myself through BMW tracker. It took a while for the car to be built with COVID delays during which time I used my lease extension option on my current car.

The BMW tracker showed the car as being delivered in late January and I reached out to Ashleigh in early February since I still had not been contacted about scheduling the PCD. At this point I was told that the car was actually delivered to the dealer instead due to COVID and that the dealer would provide me a voucher to experience PCD at a later time. This was a big disappointment but I took them at their word and went on to sign the lease.

After signing the lease in early Feb for Feb 28th start, I didn’t hear anything back so the third week of Feb I reached out again to ask about the delivery. It was at this point that I was asked if I had chosen a transport company — the very first time I was informed that I would be responsible for transport of my car from the dealer to Texas. To be clear, we had never discussed delivery in the context of this order since the car was supposed to be picked up via PCD. She said that’s standard but this is my first time ordering a car out of state so that would’ve some useful information to know before I signed the lease.

Another nasty surprise and a $1035 shipping cost later, I got the car in Texas on March 8 with the lease having started on Feb 28th (about another $200 worth of paying for a car I didn’t have).

So no PCD, an unexpected $1k shipping charge and finally the car is delivered with the incorrect interior trim and no sign of a fortification for PCD experience with the paperwork. I double checked the build link I sent and it did indeed have it correct trim there so I can’t say where the mistake happened but it was between Ashleigh and her dealer.

I first reached out to her about the wrong trim, no reply. A week later I contact her dealer that sold me the car, no response. I reached out again this morning to both and again no word back. As a side note, while waiting on the delivery I ran out of my lease extension and was unable to trade in or sell my old car due to the maturity date. I
Unexpectedly had to buy out my lease after borrowing money from a friend or forfeit a minimum of $3k of equity I had built up through the lease extension and low mileage use. Admittedly, this is technically not her responsibility but her rave reviews as a lease broker would provide a reasonable expectation that she would warn me while I was falling into that trap.

For transparency, she had not asked me to pay a broker fee yet but her previous partner has been invoicing me even though I never interacted with him in this entire process. I don’t think he knew when the car was being delivered as he started invoicing me as though I had the car before it had even left the dealer.

Maybe this is a one-off mess since she has a lot of happy clients here but it seems if an order goes wrong then she and her dealer abandon ship. I find it particularly offensive of how active she has been on this forum this past week while never offering me a cutesy of an email response. In the end, I don’t think I really got any better deal on the custom order than I could have from a local dealer. Between the transport fees, paying for the for the car while it was in transit and only seeing that it has the wrong trim after it had been delivered, I will not be going this broker route again.

I would be interested to hear if anyone else was redirected from PCD recently and received a certificate for a later time. I’m starting to think this was all made up after the car was ordered to the dealer by mistake to get me to sign the lease. I’m glad I at least kept the PCD plans I had to take my dad as a surprise so he didn’t suffer the disappointment that was this dream experience of ordering a $54k MSRP car. Maybe when I can afford $100k then I can have some expectation of the order being correct but all you guys who like me can’t afford that yet, go fish.


Thank you, DMV Lease for helping me with my M340Xi !!! Process was quick, can is amazing! Communication and support - outstanding!

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Ashleigh was absolutely fantastic to work with, and helped me build an X3 M40i to all my specs. I spent months shopping local dealers, and dealing with sales people telling me there isn’t a better deal. The best deal I received at the local dealer was a for a demo, without any options - and it was still $100 more a month than the optioned out one built.

The price is upfront, its transparent. The time saved going through Ashleigh is well worth the cost of service. Communication was always prompt, clear and always very helpful even after I asked seemingly hundreds of questions haha.

This is the only way to go forward - Thank you Ashleigh, I’ll be back when its time for another one.

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Just picked up my new X4 M40i from Ashleigh. Smooth transaction start to finish. Placed my order, got a built number, picked up my car a month and half later.

Ashleigh answered all questions at all times and at all hours of the day. When the car arrived, she coordinated my pick up and made sure everything was top notch.

Love the car and the price.

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Ashleigh was a pleasure to deal with. Fast responses and a fair price on the car. Would use again.

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First time using a broker service, first time BMW owner and I must say working with Ashleigh was the best decision I could make. The entire process was so smooth, everything explained in meticulous detail and all my worrying concerns were addressed promptly and politelty. I was actually going to order a build since I’ve been working from home so I had some time (or so I thought), but things changed unexpectedly and I needed a car sooner. Call it luck or karma, Ashleigh was able to get me into a sweet M340i (better than what I initially built) at a deal I couldn’t find anywhere that would even come close in FL even considering the broker fees and shipping! After this experience, I don’t know if I’d ever step foot in a dealership again…Thank you so much Ashleigh!

This is the second time in two years I’ve used Ashleigh’s services. She and her team at DMV did a fantastic job of getting us exactly what we wanted with very little effort on our part. I will never step foot in another dealership with the intention of buying or leasing another vehicle as long as I know she’s still in business. The stress reduction alone is worth twice what she charges for her fee. Thank you, Ashleigh, you are awesome!!
Here are pictures of the new X3, we couldn’t be happier with it!

I’ve been a long time car enthusiast and I’ve purchased over 20 cars or so. I decided to try out leasing for my next vehicle. I had spent weeks trying to work out deals directly with dealerships to no avail. Then through this forum I found out about DMV and Ashleigh. I’ve heard nothing but great reviews so I decided to reach out and I’m glad I did! After I reached out, we worked out a deal for an in stock vehicle and I picked it up the vehicle the next day! It was one of the easiest car buying experiences I’ve ever had!


I want to echo all the great praise for Ashleigh, who helped get me an amazing deal on a new M440i! I hadn’t used a broker previously so I was apprehensive at first, thinking a broker couldn’t be any better than on my own or even if the whole thing was a scam (lol). I was wrong - the whole process is seamless, transparent, and gets you the results you want with so much less effort.

This was my second BMW lease and I initially went to my original dealer expecting a solid deal. He highballed me and when I took a chance with Ashleigh she was able to knock off $100+ a month!! Not only does she deliver in pricing, she’s responds to texts in minutes, day or night, weekday or weekend.

If your looking at getting a BMW, save yourself the hassle and work with Ashleigh! I wholeheartedly recommend her services!!


Big THANKS to Ashleigh for helping me land an in-stock M3 at a discount. This was my first time using a broker-- process was straight forward and communication was excellent. In my experience, most dealers are balking at any discount on M3s, and those willing to discount don’t have inventory or build slots. Arrived at the dealer, I was in and out fairly quickly, and a couple days later the car is home in Houston, TX :grinning:

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Ashleigh got me a deal the day after I contacted her. She saved me a lot of time and effort and made the process easy for me. She’s very responsive and takes the time to explain things if you need help. I’ll definitely be contacting her for my next car and referring friends to her if anyone asks for a recommendation.


Thanks again for a fantastic experience! From start to finish, Ashleigh was very responsive, at times, even after business hours. She was able to secure me a highly optioned & desirable X3 M40i The quoted price and down payment were spot on at signing. No pressure and friendly staff. I plan to do business with Ashleigh again, when this lease is up.

Thank you, Ashleigh/DMV for helping me with my X5!!!
Ashleigh was very helpful and responsive at all times and explain things if you need help!
She was very helpful in every step of the entire process till the day of delivery.
Really very happy and hope to do business with you again in the future.

If your looking to buy/lease a BMW, work with Ashleigh! You will definitely be happy with the kind of deal she offers and the entire buying process.

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Big thank you to Asheligh at DMV for my 2021 M4 Competition. She was very professional and straight forward throughout the whole process. It was definitely worth the wait! I highly recommend.


I worked closely with Ashleigh while she was working for another broker and they did a great job in securing an amazing deal on my M8 and fighting to get the lease approved with BMW FS. I am currently working with her @DMVLease on an X7 build for my dad that should be delivered soon. Even though the market conditions are pretty crazy, she was able to get me a great deal on the build and dealing with her is as good as always. She has also been very flexible and understanding when it comes to changing colors and adding features in the last minute, even after the order was put in and sent to the factory. Thanks Ashleigh!