DMV Lease review thread - servicing: NY, NJ, CT, PA, DC, MD, VA, FL, & all other states. Can source cars nationwide

Ashleigh was great, the entire process went extremely smooth (with one ridiculous bump, stand by)! She got me pretty much exactly what I wanted and it was a great deal.

I’d been in my Toyota Sequoia since 2001 until a tree fell on it while I was driving it; those repairs plus it needing a THIRD entire exhaust system made me decide I wanted to get into a NICE car and also a lease so I wouldn’t have to do major maintenance. I do miss that truck though.

Anyway, my first BMW was a 2018 330i Xdrive that I leased for 2 years from a nearby dealer in April 2019. I probed around contacting dealers in my area (SE Michigan) via email, looking for someone who would deal over email and I just go in person to pick up. I finally found one (Erhard in Farmington Hills) who was great, they gave me a great deal on the 2018 which was a service loaner. It was silver, and I loved it but there were features I wished I had, so when it was time to turn it in, I decided to try a broker so I could ask them to find exactly what I wanted.

I browsed Leasehackr and reached out to four different brokers listed here, who did BMW. The first three over a few weeks were pretty underwhelming. I had specific questions on the process, and told them what I was looking for up front, and I got anywhere from very vague answers, to non-answers to “did you even read the question” answers. I was thinking about giving up, then I tried DMVLease. Ashleigh responded literally in minutes, and by the next day she’d found “the” car which was basically everything I wanted, in the color I wanted. 2021 330i Xdrive in blue … it also came with the M appearance package, which I wouldn’t necessarily have ordered but that’s ok. Also, I’d really liked to have had a M340 but a deal on that wouldn’t have been as good and I couldn’t swallow the significant cost increase.

The process was almost completely smooth … the one bump I mentioned above was this: the dealer sent the paperwork to a notary in my area, who I then met at a local Fedex Kinkos. That was all fine, but the crazy thing that happened was that UPS lost the signed paperwork going back to the dealer. They knew it made it to MD, but after that, they had no idea. So, the dealer had to send out a new paperwork set and I had to go through the whole signing process again, so that ate up 1.5 weeks at least. But otherwise, everything was completely smooth including the 3rd party shipping to get the car from MD to MI. And even that was better than expected, they told me like 5 days, but the same day the driver picked the car up, he texted me mid-day to ask if it was ok to drop it off right away since that was better for him. So I got it at like 11pm on the same day. Awesome!

Completely happy with Ashleigh and DMVLease, I will go to her again in 3 years when this lease is up. Very responsive to email, uses modern money apps like Venmo to make things super easy. It was great!

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Hi everyone!

These deals/cars will be from a dealership based on the east coast, but we have a nationwide reach and access to pull cars from dealerships all over the country. DMV Lease’s main service areas are: MD, DC, VA, PA, DE, NY, NJ, CT, etc., but we ship cars throughout the country every day (we even have customers in Alaska!).

As of November 2020, I am focusing solely on BMW. I do have partner brokers that can assist with other makes, however.

We have a special for no fee until December 31, 2022, but as of January 1, 2023, I will revert back to my regular fee of a flat $599, which is due upon the approval of a credit application.

Please feel free to message or e-mail me at with the following:

  • Name
  • Zip code
  • Model you’re looking to lease (I can also negotiate the price on a purchase)
  • What kind of car you currently have
  • Budget

You can also fill out my form:

The brokering service includes both listed deals and specific requests. We receive a high volume of requests, so we tend to not list things in a spreadsheet. Dealer inventory also sometimes changes more quickly than we would be able to update a spreadsheet. Additionally, if you are interested in purchasing a car rather than leasing, that’s okay too! The major component of our service is to negotiate the selling price of your new car, no matter how financing is secured. Please fill out our form for requests; they are answered in the order received: DMV Lease Questionnaire .

Feedback and constructive criticism are welcome. Thank you!

DMV Lease has been in business since November 2020 and is an LLC registered in Montana and New York.

Phone: (833) 696-0997

Highly recommend working with Ashleigh / DMV Lease. Most responsive broker I’ve ever worked with, and pricing/process is super straight forward. Loving my x5 m50i and my wife can’t wait for her 40i.

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Thanks so much, Mike! It was so easy to work with you on both cars. Looking forward to when your parents’ leases are up to work with you again!

I highly recommend using DMV for all BMWs.

Working with Ashleigh was an absolute pleasure. She’s attentive, responsive, and aggressive in representing your interests to the dealer. I look forward to working on more deals with her.

Thank you for helping me get the m550!

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Thanks so much, Mohammad! I’m still surprised we even got that discount. :slight_smile: Looking forward to working with you on the next car soon!

This thread is for reviews only. PM broker directly or post in broker’s marketplace thread.

For a zero stress and seamless process, work with Ashleigh! Ashleigh was a pleasure to work with from start to finish. We absolutely love our new X5. This was one of the few times there was no stress in purchasing our new car. She helped us build the vehicle to suit our needs, walked us through the process, and kept us updated throughout all the way until delivery. Thank you so much, Ashleigh! We hope to work with you again in the future! Gabrielle & Pete R.

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Working with Ashleigh was a pleasure. She was thoroughly professional, helpful, patient, and responsive throughout the process. I would highly recommend working with her to anyone looking to purchase a new vehicle.

Got a brand new M8 via Ashleigh today, 10/10 - everything exactly as promised, even gave me a better deal after I already put down a deposit and a better program appeared! Honestly was a bit nervous at first giving a deposit and getting a $150K+ car from someone on a forum only known by a first name from 3 states away, but she’s for real :slight_smile: highly recommend


Thank you so much, Lenny! It was a pleasure working with you. I’m always happy when programs improve and I’m able to give people a better price, especially when it’s almost $100 per month. Enjoy the car! :slight_smile:

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Took too long to leave this review. Pleasure working with Ashleigh, she was patient and gave me time to look at all my options with different brands. In the end went with a BMW build she had about to enter production. Was even able to customize interior colors and packages. Car got here sooner than anticipated and was able to work out a better deal in the end saving me a few dollars by the time it arrived.

10/10 experience! Can’t wait to work out my next lease with her

Ashleigh is easy to work with and provides all the details you would need to make you feel comfortable. I had been emailing with her for a couple weeks and finally decided to make a deal on the last day of the month. I gave up on negotiating/emailing with dealers and wasting hours of my life, and needless to say it was well worth it for the deal I received. First time I’ve used a broker and I will be coming back to Ashleigh for all my new BMW leases moving forward and referring friends/family.
The entire process was smooth/quick and the transaction was super easy! Highly recommend

Thanks so much, John! It was a pleasure working with both of you, and I know she’s relieved to be over with the search! Now we just need to figure out what you’re doing once your X3M matures! :slight_smile:

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:star2: A Shoutout to Ashleigh from DMVLEASE! :star2:

I wanted to take a moment to share my incredible experience with Ashleigh, the BMW car broker from DMVLEASE. If you’re in the market for a lease and looking for someone who goes above and beyond to make it happen, Ashleigh is your go-to person!

From the very beginning, Ashleigh demonstrated professionalism, extensive knowledge, and a genuine passion for helping clients find their dream car. She took the time to understand my needs, preferences, and budget, ensuring that I would be presented with the perfect options.

Throughout the entire process, Ashleigh provided outstanding customer service. She was always prompt with her responses, patiently answered all my questions, and guided me through every step with ease. Her attention to detail was impressive, and she made sure that no aspect of the lease went overlooked.

What truly sets Ashleigh apart is her dedication and commitment to her clients. She took the time to search for the best deals, negotiate on my behalf, and found me an incredible lease that exceeded my expectations. Her expertise in the field and strong network of contacts allowed her to secure a fantastic deal that I wouldn’t have been able to find on my own.

Ashleigh’s professionalism, knowledge, and warm personality made the entire process enjoyable and stress-free. She genuinely cares about her clients and strives to provide them with the best possible experience. It’s evident that she takes pride in her work and goes the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction.

If you’re looking for a car broker who will prioritize your needs, deliver exceptional results, and provide top-notch service, I highly recommend reaching out to Ashleigh at DMVLEASE. She will undoubtedly exceed your expectations and make your car leasing experience a memorable one.

Thank you, Ashleigh, for your outstanding service and for helping me find the perfect lease! I will definitely be referring my friends and family to you in the future.

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