DMV Lease review thread - servicing: NY, NJ, CT, PA, DC, MD, VA, FL, & all other states. Can source cars nationwide

Hi everyone!

If you’re looking for Ashleigh, you’ve come to the right place! I now have a new venture, and I hope to provide even better deals than I have in the past.

These deals/cars will be from a dealership based on the east coast, but we have a nationwide reach and access to pull cars from dealerships all over the country. DMV Lease’s main service areas are: MD, DC, VA, PA, DE, NY, NJ, CT, etc., but we ship cars throughout the country every day. The main partner dealership has numerous years of experience shipping cars all over the country.

As of November 2020, we are focusing solely on BMW.

We have a special for no fee until December 31, 2022, but as of January 1, 2023, I will revert back to my regular fee of a flat $599, which is due upon the approval of a credit application.

Please feel free to message or e-mail me at with the following:

  • Name
  • Zip code
  • Model you’re looking to lease (I can also negotiate the price on a purchase)
  • What kind of car you currently have
  • Budget

The brokering service includes both listed deals and specific requests. We receive a high volume of requests, so we may not list that many deals in a spreadsheet. Dealer inventory also sometimes changes more quickly than we would be able to update a spreadsheet. Additionally, if you are interested in purchasing a car rather than leasing, that’s okay too! The major component of our service is to negotiate the selling price of your new car, no matter how financing is secured. Please fill out our form for requests; they are answered in the order received: DMV Lease Questionnaire .

Feedback and constructive criticism are welcome. Thank you!

DMV Lease has been in business since November 2020 (but most LH members know I’ve personally been on here for almost 5 years and brokered under a different name for nearly a year-and-a-half) and is an LLC registered in Montana and New York.

Phone: (833) 696-0997


Ashleigh has helped me acquire by far the best car out there. My x3m Comp 2021 is a dream come true. She has not only been responsive and professional, she also always makes me feel great about my purchase. At first, I was hesitant (was looking for a 45k/3yr) without paying to much, but Ashleigh had helped me find the absolute best price base with amazing speed! Ordered the car in September and was out my m3 (last lease) before it even ended!

Thank you so much Ashleigh, it was truly an honor. Certainly will be coming back for my next vehicle!


Thanks so much, Isaac! You truly were a pleasure to work with, and I never minded seeing an e-mail from you in my inbox. Enjoy the car (and the new PS5!) - the interior does look amazing - and hopefully I’ll see it around town!


Its amazing to work with Ashleigh (@AP919).

She helped me find a really good deal. The deal was committed within couple of hours. She is incredibly responsive for all queries and responds to the point.

I highly recommend Ashleigh. I felt confident while working with her over a deal. She is honest, quite transparent throughout the process.

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Thank you, Yogi! It was a pleasure working with you, and I’m so glad we were able to get you the exact car you wanted at the price you wanted. I’m looking forward to helping you with the next car you purchase!

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Worked with Ashleigh during pandemic to get my new X3 M40i. She responded to me at the same day I post my inquiry and started to work on my order in a short time. She helped me find the best discount and ordered what I want from dealship.
Ashleigh always answers my questions in time and get everything ready before I go to pick up my car, I love this simple and efficient process.
Thank you Ashleigh, I would definitely come back again for my next car.


Thanks, Chris! It was such a pleasure working with you throughout the process, and the car looks amazing! I’m so glad your wife “let” you upgrade to the M40i. Enjoy the car!

I have been lurking around Leasehackr for a few months before pulling the trigger on purchasing a new car. I reached to Ashleigh to inquire about a new lease and she helped me to explore all of my options based on my needs and personality. Despite low inventory, she was able to secure a BMW X6. I rolled out of my bed, signed a few documents and was back home in 1 hr 35 minutes.

Throughout the process she was very responsive, helpful and the best part is that she kept checking to see if my incentives and rebates would all apply without getting frustrated. I had brokers say “Your total incentive is only $x,xxx” Ashleigh came back with 2x that $x,xxx. A few days later I am in the dealership to sign the papers and the incentives remained the same. She was also responding to my emails in almost real time and also taking my calls.

Even the Sales Manager even told me that Ashleigh is one of his favorite brokers because he deals with others that mess things up a lot. He mentioned that my transaction was one of the smoothest and straight forward ones


I’ll post more pics later but straight from the dealership to the tint shop today.

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It was such a pleasure working with you, and the car looks amazing! I’m glad you switched to white at the last minute; I think it makes a huge difference in the appearance of the car. I love working with customers who are a pleasure, polite, and with whom the conversation flows easily. Thank you so much again!

If you’re in the market for a new purchase/lease, you only need to contact one person and that’s Ashleigh Paige and she will take care of the rest. I was a little hesitant at first since this was my first auto broker experience, I found her on Leasehackr and the rest was history. She immediately caught my attention when she told me she could bear a current deal I received from a local dealership. In the end, not only did she beat that deal, she DESTROYED that deal, leaving the local dealership telling me, how did I get that deal. Ashleigh is professional, attentive and very transparent during the process and made the entire process effortless on my part and I never had to step into a dealership again! They came to me to sign paperwork. In the beginning I didn’t think it would be possible but, now, I proudly have a 2021 BMW X6 Xdrive!! I would post more pictures of this beauty but I can only post one picture on here.


As promised

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Thank you, thank you Ashleigh! Because of you I was able to get the car of my dreams (BMW 540i) at a fantastic price. I shopped around and no one could come close. You made the leasing process seamless. Always responding right away, answering all of my questions. I will be recommending you to all of my friends.

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It was a pleasure to work with you Randi! I’m so glad that we found you a deal that even your sister-in-law couldn’t believe! Enjoy the car, and I’ll be here when her X5 lease is up! :slight_smile:

Can’t thank Ashleigh enough for locating my X3 M40i in such short notice. Put me through a dealer and received car in 3 and a half days from initial email to paperwork signing. Why 3 and a half days? Emailed Ashleigh Tuesday evening which she promptly replied and received my car Saturday morning. Numbers stayed the same from her quote to dealer price. Told her it was for my first ever lease and Ashleigh promptly answered any and all questions with professionalism and educating me in the process. Ashleigh will be your one and only stop for your BMW experience. Thank you, again, Ashley!

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It was such a pleasure working with you, Billy, and I am so glad that we got this done quickly! This was the last well-spec’d X3 M40i for now, so you got lucky. :slight_smile: All customers should be as nice and easy as it was working with you. Enjoy the new car, and maybe I’ll catch you on 287 or around WP one day!

Can’t recommend Ashleigh enough for my custom 2021 x3 M4.0i. Fantastic pricing along with prompt responses. I would recommend her services and will be returning next year when my wife needs a new lease!

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I really enjoyed working with you (and sorry about the craziness right at the end, but it worked out just fine!). It’s funny how you really wanted the X3 at first, settled on the 530e, and then life threw you a curveball and you got just what you wanted in the first place! I can’t wait to work with you again next year on the next car!

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Dropping in to say that even though I didn’t choose Ashleigh for my X3 lease (found the perfect one close to home), she is the nicest, most straightforward person I have met in the virtual car world. Her numbers were clear and concise, and her communication was on point. I will surely keep her in mind for any car needs going forward. I suggest you give her an opportunity to earn your business!


I decided to lease a car and started doing research which led me to Leasehackr. There was not much in my area, so I looked at the national brokers and contacted several. At this time, I was very apprehensive to use a broker mostly out of ignorance. I chose Ashley because she was the most responsive, thorough response I got. Ashley was very patient to answer all of my questions and educate me to put me at ease. I was looking for a particular set of options on a 330xi and knew I was likely going to have to order.

After many emails, mostly with dumb questions, I decided to move forward working with her, and she had a dealer with allocation (truly had allocation, many say they do but not really).

I sent emails at 6am and 1 am, and amazingly, she always responded within minutes (does she ever sleep?). She was always glad to answer and is just an awesome human besides being an outstanding broker. I would not hesitate to work with her again or recommend her to anybody who asks. I am so glad I worked with her. I know she always has several deals in flight probably much more expensive cars than mine, but she always treated me like it was her main deal.

I decided to fly to pick up the car and drive it back to the midwest, and when I got there, everything was prepared for me to the last detail and it was just a matter of signing the papers and I was off to driving back home. The dealership is obviously very familiar with working with out of state transactions, so that was very smooth. I don’t have a picture since I arrived last night after 10 hours of driving through snow and rain with a pretty dirty car, but I am thrilled with the whole process.
Thank you Ashley for your patience and kindness in dealing with me! I love the new car.

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It was such a pleasure to work with you, and there was never a dumb question! I probably don’t sleep but it’s okay. :slight_smile:

All my customers are equally important, whether they are buying a $55,000 car or a $155,000 car, so I appreciate you recognizing that.

I’m so happy that you have your FIRST new car in 20 years! It also really worked out that you got the awesome project car in the meantime, too, since it made your deal a little better than originally quoted, too. It’s supposed to be good luck when it rains when you pick up a car, and it must be awesome to test the xDrive in the snow right away.

Enjoy your car and making everyone jealous!