DMV Lease May BMWs: X5 40i - 8%; iX - 12%; 530ix - 8%; M8 - 10%; X3 M40i - 4%; 330ix - 6%. Avail.: M4; M5; X3M; etc

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Any chance you can get anywhere close to that on an X3? X5 is just a bit above my pay grade.

Any 430 xi convertible deals?

Sorry, not even close. There’s still an X3 shortage. I have 4 times as many X5s as I do X3s, just to give you an idea.

@henryt44 - I may have one but it won’t be more than 5% off.

Just a friendly reminder to everyone: when asking for a quote please include your zip code. I’m getting so many requests without zip codes.

Also, please don’t just ask me for numbers on the i4 eDrive35. As I mentioned, the car only exists on paper. It would be a custom order, so I’ll need a build link.


5% off works for me

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I’ll check what I have in a little bit!

This is the only one I have. It’s scheduled to be finished in 10 days.

Thx for the prompt response. I was thinking black and no M package. Would any of the Costco membership/USAA membership/ union membership offset the added cost of the M package

Sorry, no such discount for any of those things. If you or an immediate family member are or were military, you can sign up for military and get another $500 off. There are very few of these around, so it’s slim pickings. M sport ends up being about $35 a month difference from a car without it.

I am planning to buy in cash.
5% off on the white M package is best available offer?

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I’ll message you.

All these crazy deals and almost no bites? Everyone keeps asking for better discounts, and here they have been…

As a reminder, all with base MF, whether you have loyalty or not:
iX M60 -11% off
iX xDrive 50 - 10% off, maybe more
Incoming X5 xDrive 40 - 9%, possibly more on certain units.

Do you have any sample build calculators for iX 50 or X5 40s? Looking to get an idea of pricing (NJ, w/ MSDs, no loyalty but have corp discount)

What M-Sport X5’s do you have? Don’t want white or black, preferably a brown interior.

Zip 44221.

Hey, looking for an X5 M50 with the Driving Assistance Professional package
Zip code 08527. Ready to sign
I can wait a couple of months if needed

Sending you a message.

@mitranandh - Do you have loyalty?

@Wakimike - X5 M50is are long gone. We’re order banking X5 M60s. There’s no one waiting right now; last two were fulfilled.

I sent a message, but haven’t heard back anything yet. I am looking for a 2024 X5 xdrive 40i.

Zip code: 27514

Sorry, I got literally 50 messages and emails yesterday so I’m working through them now.

Looking for X5 ASAP. Please let me know, thanks!


looking for x3 or x4 any available ??? buying asap returning 2020 x3 30i (34k miles on return) 07052 zip code

Just an FYI to everyone - I got really slammed with requests in the last few days and I’m working to catch up. Sorry!