DMV Lease May BMWs: X5 40i - 8%; iX - 12%; 530ix - 8%; M8 - 10%; X3 M40i - 4%; 330ix - 6%. Avail.: M4; M5; X3M; etc

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Incoming low MSRP X5 with M sport!

$1,003 + tax with $2,500 + registration at signing.
Subtract $1,500 from incentives if you don’t have loyalty or corporate.

what % off on X7 orders are available?

Sorry, those aren’t discounted. They’ve been flying at MSRP. I can try for 2%, but they were MSRP during the year-end fire sale. :confused:

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Hi, so we have some conversation using email, but you suddenly stopped responding. I am the one interested in X1. Let me know what is going on, thanks

Looking for a 430 coupe xdrive with M sport.
Preferable arctic blue.
You have any deals now?

Hi, I answered your e-mail each time - just sent you another one. Please check.

@ElieA - I’ll check and get back to you with details.

Everyone - I’m about 2 days behind on e-mails and will catch up today. I tripped in the street outside my parents’ house and smashed up my hand, my elbow, and my knee. Thanks for understanding! :upside_down_face:

Hi. Sorry you smashed up your hand, knee, & elbow. I hope you feel better. Is your BMW dealer in NJ?

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You should sue them :grin:


the parents or the city?
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Parent’s the better option. Much faster resolution. Suing the city never works out and is a waste of time.

Hi, do we have x5 40i? Any blue in stock or we have to order? How long should we wait? Thank u.

I wish they had that kind of money! It was rocks from the driveway that were in the street, and I didn’t see them in the dark, tripped, and I went flying. Still in a decent amount of pain and pretty swollen. Part of it is that I landed with my right hand palm down, and it’s bruised in the middle.

@Yong_Qi - I’ll answer your message.


Sorry, I missed this! MD, but we can deliver/ship!

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I realllllly hate to post this, and I’m not trying to be rude at all, but with an absolutely astonishing influx of requests asking for X3s at $500-$600 a month and X5s at $700 a month (or even $800), please realize it’s just not going to happen. The MF increased this month, both lost incentives, and it’s not possible to get to these low monthlies. I’m simply trying to save you time and aggravation.

Example: 100% base X3 with no options and non-metallic paint - $49,195. Before tax or registration, at 3% off, it’s $655 per month with almost $2,100 at signing. You need 13% off to get to $510 before tax or registration.

Example: 100% base X5 with no options and non-metallic paint - $65,000. Before tax or registration, at 5% off, it’s $909 per month with $2,334 at signing. You need 13% off to get to $755 before tax or registration.

Please be cognizant of this, and I’m only trying to help.

Thank you in advance.


Thanks for the info! Could you please share the X7 lease estimate as well?

Sure, can you please message me or email with your zip code, if you have loyalty or corporate, and what you’re looking for in one? There’s a huge difference between a base X7 and one with options. Thanks!

Sure, I sent you the message. Thanks again!

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This just came available!


I think @AutoCompanion just posted the same vehicle?