DMV Lease May BMWs: X5 40i - 8%; iX - 12%; 530ix - 8%; M8 - 10%; X3 M40i - 4%; 330ix - 6%. Avail.: M4; M5; X3M; etc

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Date last updated: 05/29/2023

We’re back! Starting January 1, 2023, we reverted back to our standard flat fee of $599 per car.

We’re now bringing you better deals in a more streamlined process! The last year has been…interesting to say the least, but we’ve persevered through the inventory crisis and have been able to greatly revamp our process for our customers. We can proudly say that we have still been getting a number of cars out each month in a new process that started last year, and it has been working great! We also now have partner brokers to assist on other makes when necessary, and they partner with us on BMW deals, too.

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Phone: (833) 696-0997

Please fill out our form or e-mail us: DMV Lease Questionnaire

Specific cars coming soon, but here are some of our most popular cars and their discounts right now:
330ix - 6%
330ex - 4%
M340ix - MSRP - and there’s a wait list.
M3 Comp. xDrive - wait list
M440ix - 5%
M4 (base, comp., and xDrive comp. available) - MSRP
530ix - 8%
530ex - 6%
540ix - 8%
M550ix - 4%
M5 comp. - MSRP
All 8 series - 10%
ix 50 - 12%
X3 30i - 3%
X5 40i - 8%
X5 M60i - MSRP - 2%
X6 40i - 4%
X5 50e - MSRP
X7 40i - 3%


Any discounts on X3 30i or M40i allocations?


Hi, as of right now, no. No one has X3s on the ground in the region and allocations have been really limited. I have 4 brokers asking me for X3s all the time. :confused: So sorry! I do have allocations for both the 30i and M40i though.

Hi - I know it’s still pretty new, but anything offered for the '23 X1?

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Yes, I can confirm but should be able to get 5-6% off based on what I’ve seen.

Any discounts on 430i xdrive Convt?


I have several in transit, and I should be able to offer 5-6% off. Two have M sport; two do not.

Can you send me the buildsheet on the M sports? When is the eta?

I’ll message you now!

330e at the port and awaiting transit!

$52,885 - 6% off
$689 + tax with $2,100 + registration at signing
Ask me about finance options, like BMW Select/balloon to claim the tax credit.

No X7 offers ?

I have them, but they’re generally at MSRP, so I didn’t post them. They’re selling so well that everything that comes into the pipeline is sold as an order and nothing ever hits the lot. I’m more than happy to see what they’re willing to do though. Your best option is an order, since I have one in stock and two unsold in production but a few builds available.

What is the typical wait time on orders? I am in no hurry, if the inventory situation gets better in spring I could wait till then.

Right now the December allocations that just came in are about to go into production because they came down so late. Most of them are around week 49 with delivery around the last week of the year.

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What are the production weeks for the X5 45e? Will they be delivered before the end of the year?

Week 49. It’s a gamble if there are any delays. Right now, they’re delivering a week after the production week, based on the ones that people have already ordered.

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Hi - anything on a 430xi coupe coming in? my current 4 series lease is up in Dec…thank you

Hi there, I have two available to build, but that’s it, nothing in production or in transit. I have an M440ix coupe in stock though, if that interests you.

X1 deals ?

Hi there, I’m able to discount it, but note that there are no incentives, not even loyalty, so the lease isn’t pretty.

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