DMV Lease March BMWs: 530ix - 10%; M8 - 10%; X3 30i - 6%; X3 M40i - 4%; 330ix - 5%; Avail.: X5 45e; X4M; X6M

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2022 or 2023? And what color/specs?

  1. I am not giving out full specs because people have been going around me.
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Can you tell me colors? Options? What is MSRP? Any Macan Loaners left?

Sorry, I had to.


I saw a really ugly cinnamon-like MB yesterday. I’ll just pretend it’s that. I’m just going to tell people it’s Vermont Bronze, like a penny on wheels.


KIA looks better than latest BMWs, and that says something.

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Customer picked up his X6 today but took a spin in the XM.


It’s actually growing on me…

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It’s horrible in lighter colors. My friend sent me this yesterday of one in Brooklyn Gray.

It’s horrible in any color.


How does it drive?

Like a tank! The guy in the blue one really liked it even though it’s huge. I haven’t driven one yet. The guy in the blue one custom ordered an X6 though, so he already has a “big” car.

Sad Jim Carrey GIF

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Yea that’s bad. Blacked out looks decent. I edited a BMW logo in the middle of the back and it honestly looks a lot better

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Whats the monthly lease on these?

Since I’m getting a lot of inquiries about this car and in general, please, please, please tell me your zip and whether you have loyalty whenever you ask for a quote. This saves a lot of back and forth. Thanks.

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Hi… looking for an X5 OR X6 m50i . Please msg me what u have in stock.

11101 zipcode

Yes have loyalty and corporate incentive.
Zip 07601

Also looking for and X5 or X6 M50/60i. Zip is 60559. Have loyalty.
Please let me know what is available.


looking for 330i M sport, just got quoted $800+…
zip 11501


Sorry everyone - was having some problems logging in for some reason and then they resolved, so I’m back online!

@ctrang95 - I don’t have either one, only an X6M.

@oky722 - are you asking about the M760?

@AlexMisa - we can order the 2024s, but I don’t have any 2023 M50is, only an X6M.

@Ari1 - do you have loyalty? I only have one 330ix available.