DMV dealers' sites are down :)

Seems like all of them are down, not that I tried them all LOL

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LOL they need to come up with a new acronym for the area. Every time I see DMV, I immediately think of the Dept of Motor Vehicles, not DC MD VA


Must be one helluva problem to be down for hours now…still can’t get on to any dealer sites.

Eastern pa dealers are all down too. Guess I won’t be consulting today boys

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Quite a few dealers’ sites in Central Iowa are down also. Not good timing, my parents are coming into town to shop for a new car this weekend. :frowning:

Dealers are probably losing tons of money and it is also Friday.

Which means this Saturday and Sunday (if applicable) are going to be non stop I’d assume.

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A lot of the west coast dealers are down.

Is it only certain web hosting company that is responsible or something larger and more sinister ???

The experts can correct me, but I think front ends a ton of dealer websites & they are having systems issues. Still. I’m looking at a few local dealers and they are down.

I think CDK Global (f/k/a ADP Dealer Services) runs another big chunk of the industry but they are not down…

I read an article yesterday that a lot of the data centers are in that area that is getting hit with the hurricane, how they were going to hold up was the headline…

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Word on the street is that somebody hacked them and stole all of customer contacts lol…

Yours had been stolen a long time ago through your fraudulent Lexus certificate :sunglasses:

No wonder I keep having to tell the credit card company those strip club charges are not mine. Gets old after a few months …

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The Playboy channel is legit though, isn’t it?

They told me it was free for six months … those lying bastids

It was me!!! Muahahaha