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DistrictLeases was created with you at the focus. We aim to continually raise the customer experience during the car acquisition process and provide the steepest discounts.

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:question: Inquiry Form
:phone:: (202) 800-1924
:email:: info@districtleases.com

What To Expect:

  1. Review our threads
  2. Submit an Inquiry (Preferably via Inquiry Form)
  3. Virtually review your deal structure with a team member
  4. Agree on your deal structure
  5. Pay our fee to lock up the acquisition
  6. Complete financial application (i.e: Audi Financial Services)
  7. Once approved, a network dealer will reach out within 1 business day

Broker Fee Policy:

  • 100% refundable if your application is denied without conditions
  • 100% refundable if we are unable to obtain you a vehicle or pricing is not honored by our network dealers

Disclosure - Chip shortages have resulted in skewed shipping estimates from time to time. We keep our clients updated on any new information that is presented to us by the manufacturers. During these unprecedented times, we diligently work with our clients to resolve any unforeseeable delays as a result of CoViD-19’s impact on the global supply chain.

This was my first time working with a broker and I was very skeptical at first. Mark was very responsive and continues to check that everything is going smoothly even after I paid his fee. I am really excited for my Wrangler! Thank you Mark!

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Hands down, the best experience I had getting into a lease. Got the best Wrangler 4xE deal from Mark. He also has the lowest broker fee compared so everyone else. Really appreciate his help and I highly recommend his services.

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Mark helped me get a Wrangler 4xe order in through his dealer network. The dealer first sent me a request for a higher order deposit, but Mark was able to get that resolved quickly; otherwise a very smooth order transaction. With Mark’s great service, low broker fee, and fast response, I was very happy with the order process, and I’m looking forward to getting the vehicle in the weeks ahead.

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