DistrictLeases: $199 Fee, Refundable Deposit - 7.5% Wrangler 4xE, 6.5% GCL, 5% GC, 6% Compass, 5% Renegade

Our Discounts are located at the bottom of the thread

We advise clients to work with brokers to get the most up to date information on Jeep orders.

Why Us?:

Anyone that works with Jeep Orders provides an initial quote that is subject to change. Your quote depends on the monthly programs the day your car arrives. If your quote is not to your liking, you can always back.

:white_check_mark: $199 Fee
:white_check_mark: Dealer Doc Fee - $500
:white_check_mark: Refundable Order Deposit - $500
:white_check_mark: MSRP and discount is protected once order is submitted

What to Expect:

  1. Build your Jeep
  2. Receive Quote
  3. Pay Broker Fee - $199
  4. Get Connected with Dealer
  5. Pay Dealer Deposit Fee - Get peace of mind that your build will have your discount and MSRP protected/locked
  6. Wait for Build - We advise clients to check Jeep Chat to review updates on your build.
  7. Delivery - The dealer shall notify you when the vehicle arrives.
    a) For Pickups - Please schedule a date/time for us to meet at the dealer or a phone call to review all of your documents prior to signing.
    b) For Delivery - Dealer shall overnight you all required documents for signature. Please schedule a phone call with us to review all of your documents prior to signing. We can recommend a shipper to transport your vehicle or you can shop for your own on uShip.com

Contact Info:


Our prices reflect Tier 1 (top) credit. Payments will increase if credit is not approved at Tier 1. Estimates may slightly vary from as a result of actual tax and registration costs. This is outside of our hands as a broker.**


Do you offer sold order protection?

Unfortunately no. The only protection is the residual (unless the model has standard rate) and we are honoring buy-rate money factor and discount.

How do you protect a residual value on a 22 order when there aren’t any 22 lease programs out yet?

Anyone get one from this guy. Is he legit?

Yes they have, plenty too, while I was working with one of the bigger brokers here on LH.

I worked with another LH broker since mid-2020, then made my own broker account. You are more than welcome to shop with another broker. Thank you! :smiley:


I can confirm this. While I’m not affiliated we did work together in the past.

Mark is a good guy. Wish him the best.


$50 Broker Fee special. No need to risk a $250 fee. With our low broker fee, you can slap on at 1%+ on the discounts below:

  1. The discounts itemized below are for orders only
  2. They apply to ANY MSRP as well as ALL trims
  3. Buy Rate, Money Factor
  4. Discounts are for 36/10
  • Jeep 4xe @ 8.5% off
  • Jeep Grand Cherokee L @ 8% off
  • Jeep Compass @ 7% off
  • Dodge Durango @ 8% off
  • Dodge Challenger & Charger @ 7% off
  • Ram 1500 @ 12% off
  • Ram2500/3500 @ 13% off with affiliate
  • Chrysler Pacifica Gas/Hybrid @ 7% off

This can not be retroactively applied to any pending deal under any circumstance. Please do not ask as the dealer is firm on this.

GC 4xe 8.5% also?

Of course! 7% off. $50 Broker Fee :upside_down_face:

Any in stock Durango r/t’s or higher trims?

GC 4xe open for orders yet ? Any idea on timeline and build time ?


The most pessimistic eta I’ve gotten is 90 days. You are more than welcome to build one - just can’t order it yet.

To be clear, what are you offering on a GC 4xe. Do you promise to honor that when orders open.

Hi! Any deals on normal Wrangler (not 4xe)??

Yes we will honor the discount.

Now, if the global supply issue worsens or an unprecedented issue that impacts everyone occurs, do you expect the same 7% off? We need to be reasonable here.

The $50 is a fee that balances risk between the broker and the customer while recognizing the global issues.

If there is an issue with the $50 fee, there is always the used car market or you can wait until 2023 for things to get back to normal.

I kindly ask that we do not have a back/forth about this on my thread. If you have any further questions, please take it to my DMs.


Yes. 8.5% with $50 broker fee.

Your post states jeep 4xe is 8.5%. but your response references 7%. You adjust responded to someone else saying yes of course to 8.5% off, but then typed 7%

So, again what exactly are you offering on the 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe.


7% GC 4xE
8.5% Wrangler 4xE