Dislike New Lease? Options?

Okay so here is the scoop guys… I got a pretty good deal I think on a 2016 Bmw 320i x drive with some options loaded to bring it to around 41k MSRP. Ended up leasing it for 2 years 350 month, zero down. Even took the price to another dealer to see how close they could come because at the time I didn’t know if it was a good deal or not… needless to say they said that price has to be wrong and to go back and sign the paper immediately… so I did.

Now a month later and I really can’t stand the car… 41k car and doesn’t have a backup camera or xm radio?? Not even remote start… what he heck… a friggin BMW doesn’t have basic things most nissans come standard now.

So I go to Jeep to see what my trade is worth and my layout is 33,500 and they offer me 28,500. Needless to say, I kindly declined and walked away.

Is there anything I can do to possibly break even on the deal or even close the gap a little by maybe trading to BMW as they could probably find a use for a BMW with only 1k miles on it?

What do you guys think?

Thanks in advance

Consider swaplease…

Sorry to hear you don’t like your 3 series… I love my 550i, you are likely buried in the lease so consider one of those lease swap sites…

I always told myself not to buy a Beamer or Mercedes unless it was the higher tier one such as yours… for the money a 3 series just isn’t worth it IMO after driving it. I bought the name and now am suffering the consequences lol.

I’m hoping BMW will be willing to help me out if I’m willing to upgrade to a 4 series’s or 5

You did get a good deal so you could likely find someone to take over the lease, maybe even offer a 1-2k incentive and it’ll go no problem I’m willing to bet. A 5 series has always been my favorite BMW, the way the leather feels is INSANE, out of this world smooth…

How does swapalease and something like that work?

no backup camera? I thought that was required on all new cars now? How did you not notice this stuff when you leased it!? Hopefully you can transfer the lease to someone. From my understanding, swapalease and leasetrader are sites where you can find people willing to take over your lease. Sometimes you have to provide an incentive to bring down their payments to make it worthwhile. You may also want to consider putting it up on Craigslist.

I did notice it but didn’t think it would be a problem… lol. I went from a fully loaded Grand Cherokee Overland that had all the bells and whistles possible and then once I drove the BMW for a while I realized how much I took for granted a backup camera and remote start haha.

For the car itself I got a good deal on it with a good payment, I just really don’t like the car anymore lol

yea, it’s hard to go backwards on features. My wife has gotten really used to having all the bells and whistles with her last car, so with the new one, we had to get similar features. I’m nervous about the next car because after getting a fully loaded X3, it’s going to be pretty much impossible to live up to that.

One of the things that prevented us from getting in on the crazy Equinox deal was that it didn’t have push to start. There’s no way I could sell my wife on that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Your best option would probably be to just install a backup camera. I don’t think it’s to costly… Satellite radio can be installed fairly easily as well.


+1. I’ve seen products like this advertised…backup camera with apparently no installation required. Displays on your smartphone via their proprietary phone mount (which presumably uses a OBD dongle to know when you’re in reverse)


I think you can stream XM radio off your phone can’t you? This assumes you have unlimited data, but might be worth getting that rather than changing out your car. I’m guessing you can just play it in your car through Bluetooth. I think they have after market remote start kits too that wouldn’t be too expensive.

Thanks for you opinions guys! I think I’m going to go the swapalease route?

Anyone have any experience with swapalease or lease trader? Which is better? How much do each cost at the end of the day etc…

BMW can officially retrofit a camera. But sounds like you want out anyway.

Exactly…this is a 3rd party doing the factory retrofit.

Personally I would do:

Craigslist first…
A week or two later, cheapest option on swapalease second
Upgrade on SAL to a premium ad if that still hasn’t worked.

IMO I wouldn’t even bother with LT.

Lease transfers are really straightforward. As @max_g suggested I’d post it on Craigslist first, then get it on SwapALease

This run through covers your bases - http://www.swapalease.com/help/lease-company.aspx?leaseco=55

Depending on where you live, you shouldn’t have too much trouble getting out of it @ $350/mo and if you need to give a cash incentive and are motivated to, just do it.

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Thanks for the craigslist suggestion! I actually posted my Kia Soul on there the other day and found someone interested, but I’m not really sure how this works. Do I just contact Kia and say I want to transfer the car to someone else? I pay the fee to transfer and then all future bills go to them? What if there’s some scratches or other wear and tear on the car? Do they end up getting stuck with that bill at the end? I assume they’d have to pay for tires at the end as well? I just want to be as transparent as possible because I’d feel awful if I stuck someone with a huge bill they weren’t anticipating.

Thanks for the reply! I posted the car on here and then will do craigs like you and some others have suggested… I honestly am in a really good deal I just dont like the car like i thought i would… 362 for a BMW with AWD in Colorado where i am is really a steal

First you have to make sure Kia will (A) let you transfer the lease and (B) remove you from all obligations/liabilities

AFAIK only a few like BMWFS, MBFS and TFS allow A&B in all states