Discrepancy between leasehkr calculator and dealer calculator

Dear hackrs
I was working a deal on 2019 BMW I8 roadster with one of the BMW dealers. I asked for 27% discount and the guy accepted. As we started plugging the other numbers he came back with higher payment than my calculator and I can’t figure out why.

I attached a photo for his calculator. Your help is highly appreciated.

Are you assuming MF? It’s not in what he sent you.

#18 is lease rate

MF looks to be buyrate. .00110 is after 7 MSDs.

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I’m confused as to how he’s getting to the adjusted cap cost…


Does not equal $122123.

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This is what he sent me, do we have a problem in our calculator as he claim? the guy sounds honest

Ask him for a breakdown of the fees as they aren’t shown on his form.

I also would advise not mentioning leasehackr to a dealer in the future.

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Lines 25-27 are confusing to me. If this is a true $0 sign and drive (except for MSDs), I’d except those lines to say $7k.


Whats with the $5,494.63 is customer cash down? I know he’s doing $7k in MSD’s but that would not be consider working cash?

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There has to be Dealer adds or Service contracts that’s driving the cap cost up. Dealer hasnt shown the breakdown of Fee’s in the screenshot.

Line 25 looks like $7k + first months payment + $7 license fee

That doesn’t jive with 26 though, which seems to be that amount less the license fee and the rebate.

You cant use a rebate towards MSD’s though? Can you?

How does customer cash come out to be less than the MSD due?

Ya, that’s why it doesn’t seem to jive

Agreed. Doesn’t compute. There’s definitely something weird going on in the numbers that isn’t clear.

OP where did you get the Gov and dealer fees portion of the calculator?

I copied them from similar deal with the same tax rate

from the same dealer?

To the best of my knowledge, Dealer fees are set at 85$ in California

Gov fees could be throwing the numbers off. What confuses me is that they are using the Rebate towards MSD’s?